Les 6 000 m² de l'ancien hôpital Saint Julien de Laval vont être reconvertis en lieu de vie intergénérationnel.

The Espace Saint-Julien park in Laval is permanently closed to the public

It is one of the hiking spots for many Laval residents, especially the Left Bankers. it’s over. The Espace Saint-Julien Garden closed its doors to the public on Thursday 30 June. The former municipality sold the site to a private foundation in 2017 to build several facilities there, including an intergenerational living space.

For five years, this park has been able to stay open but The agreement signed between the city and the promoters of the Saint Julian Project expired on June 30.

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In a press release, the new municipal majority made it clear that it has “It is at the heart of promoting the position of nature in the city of Laval. That is why we have decided to open to the public since June 3 the Jardin de Banque de France (Rue Brittany) or even to revegetate the place Jean Moulin, which is now completed and will open on July 13.”

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