The engine of the Mazda RX-7 costs… 65,000 euros!

The engine of the Mazda RX-7 costs… 65,000 euros!

This is amazing Mazda RX-7 It makes a sound similar to that of a fighter jet. The reason is simple, but surprising: the car has a huge six-rotor engine. Most builders He would not dare to build an engine with more than four rotors. But New Zealand company Pulse Performance decided to take on the challenge.

This company designed a six-rotor engine specifically for the Mazda RX-7. This crazy project is recent. It was announced at the beginning of the year, and a local tuner, Hard and performance humbris, he had already decided to get one to install on his Mazda. The result is as insane as the engine itself.

A six-rotor engine worth tens of thousands of euros

Engine developed by pulse performance It is based on a set of three 13B twin-rotor engines. Also included are custom intake and exhaust manifolds, a new fuel pump, regulators and injectors, custom wiring harness and engine cooling system.Wet tub oil.

Above all, it is the total cost of the engine that surprises us. it costs approximately 65,000 euros, an extraordinary amount of engine! pulse performance Other similar engine combinations are offered. In particular, he designed a three-rotor engine worth about 37,000…Read more about Autoplus

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