The end of The Mysteries of Brokenwood 7 on Giallo, season 8?

The end of The Mysteries of Brokenwood 7 on Giallo, season 8?

It has come to an end Brokenwood 7 . puzzles On Giallo, with the final episode airing on Sunday 25 July in Italy’s first watch. The New Zealand crime series, created by Timothy Palm, and set in the fictional town of Brookenwood, also arrives in Our Country at the end of season seven, bringing it up to original programming.

Brokenwood 7 . puzzles, which premiered this spring in New Zealand, hit Giallo Tv this summer. So far, the production of the eighth season has not been officially confirmed by broadcaster Acorn TV.

for every Brokenwood 7 . puzzles This is the last date on digital terrestrial channel 38: This seventh season, consisting of 6 episodes instead of the classic 4, ends on Sunday, July 25 at 21.10. In this chapter of the detective story, the character Sam Breen (played by Nick Sampson), present since the first season, is received by the audience: in the second episode he leaves the scene and is replaced by new detective Daniel Chalmers, who plays his new role. Enter Jarrod Al-Ruwairi.

Here is the final de plotمؤامرة Brokenwood 7 . puzzles, by title For absent friends, where Mike Shepherd (Neil Rhea) inexplicably wanders in the midst of an emergency.

When Mike Brockenwood mysteriously leaves for other mysterious police affairs, Kristen is left to lead the investigation into a tragic 1970s party that ended tragically, finding many of the event’s attendees lifeless.

After broadcasting the final de Brokenwood 7 . puzzlesIt will replace the New Zealand series next Sunday, August 1, on the air Van der Valk, an English crime series developed by Chris Murray and based on the novels by Nicholas Freeling. Giallo had already set that out in the fall of 2020 and now he’s repeating it on the summer schedule.

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