The Elder Scrolls VI on PS5?  Phil Spencer Remains Mysterious But ‘It’s Very Possible’

The Elder Scrolls VI on PS5? Phil Spencer Remains Mysterious But ‘It’s Very Possible’

After Call of Duty and Starfield, it’s The Elder Scrolls 6’s turn to be the focus of discussions. Xbox exclusive or not? Phil Spencer finally answered that crucial question and gave us an idea of ​​the most anticipated game’s release date of all time.

The downside of the Bethesda/Zenimax acquisition and Sony’s involvement

Day two of the preliminary hearing on Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision allowed Blizzard to learn more about the motivations behind the Bethesda/Zenimax acquisition. According to Phil Spencer, Sony has regularly paid its competitors to exclude the Xbox platform from certain releases. This explains why Microsoft feels it must own Bethesda in order to compete.

  • Deals to make Ghostwire exclusive to the PlayStation prompted Microsoft to act
  • Sony wanted to make Starfield a PlayStation exclusive
  • Microsoft decided to buy Bethesda / Zenimax to counter these maneuvers

More than 5 years before we could play

In the face of all these revelations, the question of The Elder Scrolls 6’s exclusivity has finally been addressed. Phil Spencer has not confirmed this The game will be an Xbox exclusive Citing The Elder Scrolls 6’s remote release date as an excuse… However, he didn’t mention an exact release date for the game but we know it is It will arrive in at least 5 years

However, he stated that development of the title is on track and that the teams are fully focused on this ambitious project. So fans can expect a game that lives up to their expectations in the near future.

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