The discovery of a mysterious hole in China reveals a primitive forest - edition du soir Ouest-France

The discovery of a mysterious hole in China reveals a primitive forest – edition du soir Ouest-France

Scientists have identified a giant crater in the Guangxi region of southern China. Depth: 192 meters! Inside there is a primeval forest. Discovery.

A huge crater has been discovered in Guangxi, China. (Map: Western France)

The news agency reported that a team of Chinese scientists discovered a giant hole with a forest inside Xinhua Saturday, May 7, 2022. Typical geological formation of the terrain of southern China. Experts made this discovery in the Guangxi region.

‘big gap’

According to the head of the grotto team, Zhang Yuanhai, the hole was discovered “It is 306 meters long, 150 meters wide and 192 meters deep, and its volume exceeds 5 million cubic meters and can be classified as a large crater”he told the Chinese news agency.

He also stated that they discovered Three large caves in the wall, presumably a relic of the early development of the pit. A primeval forest, well preserved, was observed at the bottom of the abyss. »

According to George Finney, a geologist and expert on caves and other cavities, this discovery is not surprising. The American researcher said that the topography of southern China is favorable for this type of formation Live ScienceScientific information site.

giant pits

Mega sinks are sinkholes, or giant pits, with special geological features. Forming this type of cliff is very simple: It was formed from the dissolution of bedrock, Live Science explains.

Rainwater, slightly acidic, gets into the defects and swells with its passage. These defects then turn into tunnels, and when these tunnels become very brittle, their roof collapses and an abyss arises.

China is not the only country that offers this type of terrain. About 20% of the world’s land area is made up of caves or volcanoes, including Mexico and Papua New Guinea.

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However, scientific interest in this Asian stream is significant. “I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that species are found in these caves that haven’t been reported or described by science until now.”George Finney said.

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