The director says Starfield’s criticism is “completely understandable” and he has a response

The director says Starfield’s criticism is “completely understandable” and he has a response

Game news The director says Starfield’s criticism is “completely understandable” and he has a response

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It’s been seven months since Starfield was finally released on PC and Xbox Series. After a very long development and promises of reaching the stars, the game was finally received lukewarmly by players. “Completely understandable” criticism of the game’s director, and he even has a response to it.

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Starfield, a game we love to hate?

If there’s one game that’s been particularly anticipated in recent years, this is it Starfield. Developed by Bethesda (Fallout, The Elder Scrolls) and the new game published by Microsoft Todd Howard It was sold before its release as a real system seller for the Xbox Series, and above all as a strong argument for subscribing to Xbox Game Pass. The first new license in many years for Bethesda, The challenge was to satisfy new players and casual players of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, all thanks to a sci-fi epic of massive proportions..

Unfortunately, at the time of its release, Starfield had little impact Cold shower In some players. The press was still very lenient and noted several undeniable qualities of the title, which gave it a bland quality 83/100 on Metacritic. On the other hand, the players preferred to express their disappointment more clearly. It averages 6.9/10 on Metacritic 61% on SteamBethesda’s game clearly didn’t have the desired impact in the long run, even if it still managed to sell very well upon release.

Her manager hears the criticism… without actually listening to it

This was during an interview on the English-language YouTube channel Kinda funny games Todd Howard (director of Starfield) decided to evaluate the new game at his studio. According to him, the criticisms directed at Starfield are “Completely understandableHowever, while you might think he really understood them, the rest of the interview you find difficult to convince. In fact, Todd Howard believed players were disappointed mainly because the game was “very different from what we were (Bethesda, Editor’s Note.) have done before.” develop :

We see a lot of players saying, “What I want in a Bethesda game is to explore a world in a certain way, and Starfield doesn’t give me that. I prefer the way it’s done in Fallout or Elder Scrolls.”

In making this argument, Todd Howard has not really missed the point. In reality, An overdose of loading times and lack of freedom to explore were issues raised by many players. However, the rest of the interview seems to make it clear that he sees the criticism as players’ inability to appreciate the change rather than justified remarks about a loss of quality compared to previous titles:

I think for us, and for me in particular, playing a sci-fi game means being able to land on every planet. I want the game to be able to say “yes” to me, knowing that the content will be different from what we’ve done before.

So Howard admits that he preferred to make sure all the planets were visitable rather than making sure they were interesting to visit.. After a while, he added to himself, saying:

It’s part of the compromises we make to create what makes a sci-fi game like this… to make it what it should be.

One of the main criticisms from players regarding exploration was that there was no real incentive to do so since there were no truly useful or even interesting points of interest to discover. The planets were very similar and were mostly vast empty spaces that we eventually explored using fast travel (and thus the loading time) rather than getting lost and not knowing where to go. Howard also addressed the issues of directing and writing much less than the rest of Bethesda’s titles in the interview. Finally he noticed it Todd Howard still notes that he is satisfied with the overall reception of Starfield considering it is one of the studio’s better releases, especially in terms of technology.. For those who aren’t completely bothered by the game, know that’s the first thing “Shattered Space” DLC. It’s starting to make waves and should arrive this fall.

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