The different locations of Rally New Zealand

The different locations of Rally New Zealand

Established in 1969, the rally on which today’s WRC round was based was called the “Silver Fern” (Silver Fern!) and the host city was Taupo in the center of the North Island. For several seasons, the event seemed to be searching for its true location. In 1971-72 the course was drawn between Auckland and Wellington, and while the event changed its name (Heatway Int. Motor Rally), the first Europeans began to appear with Andrew Cowan (winner in 1972 and 76) and Hannu Mikkola (1973). After copying between Christchurch and Auckland (1973), Christchurch and Dunedin (1976), the rally joined the world for the first time in 1977 offering 75 ES and 2211.06km timed between Wellington and Auckland.

In the south or in the north, New Zealand always offers wonderful landscapes (Francois Baudin / DPPI)

After becoming the Motogard Rally of New Zealand, the 1979 edition was based in Auckland, and the following edition moved to the South Island between Nelson and Christchurch. This is the last time the event occurred anywhere other than the North. Since 1982, Auckland has been the nerve center of the Tour, but that hasn’t stopped this meeting from moving to stages farther from the city.

A service garden was installed at Raglan during the 2004 edition (Photo: FRANCOIS BAUDIN/DPPI)

This was made possible by organizing occasional service gardens at Paparoa, at Wangarei in the north or at Raglan on the southwest coast. He left Auckland in 2006, and the event settled into three editions in Hamilton (110km to the south) before returning to 2010.

In 2004 the final podium took place in central Auckland (FRANCOIS BAUDIN / DPPI)

This season, teams should take advantage of a beautiful space by the sea with the whole city right behind them. Perhaps this will attract the audience most passionate about the America’s Cup or rugby.

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