The diamond hunt is organized in Greenland

The diamond hunt is organized in Greenland

The presence of diamonds is already known in western Greenland, but the stones would have migrated as a result of geological movements. So much so that diamond giant, De Beers, embarks on a giant chase.

The London-based diamond dealer obtained a permit to drill for land in July 2019 in West Greenland, then an offshore extension in October 2020. After the excavations were halted, diamond race right Now.

According to the Geological Institute of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), a search has been launched to identify potential underwater deposits. To do this, a ship specializing in underwater exploration, La Sanna, has been sailing in the waters since the end of September.

Acoustic sonar inspections were conducted in an area of ​​approximately 800 km off the western coast of the huge Arctic island. “He is conducted a study for De Beers in September,” a spokeswoman for the Geological Institute confirmed to AFP. The mission took place north of the capital of the Danish autonomous region of Knock.

Study results are not immediately known

As elsewhere in the Arctic, the natural and mineral wealth of the world’s largest island is the subject of much greed, even if few ventures have ever seen the light of day. Currently, two mines are produced in the Danish Autonomous Territory: one of anorthosite, the deposits of which contain titanium, and the other of sapphire and pink sapphire.

While not hostile to all mining activities, the new local government elected in April opposed the uranium mine project in the south of the country. In July, he also banned all oil drilling, out of commitment to climate and the environment. Greenland, whose glacier castle is starting to shrink as a result of global warming three times faster in the Arctic than in the rest of the world, is seeking to diversify its income beyond fishing and subsidies from Denmark.

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