“The development is in shambles, many fans will be disappointed,” according to an insider

“The development is in shambles, many fans will be disappointed,” according to an insider

I don’t pay for possible considerations approccio alla The Last of Us in Star Wars Eclipse, the person overlooking the self-designed AccNGT appears on social networks to present the developments in GTA 6 and its evolution.

In reconnecting with the latest reflections on Change the tone and direction of GTA 6 A Rockstar co-founder warned, “Deep Throat” addresses Grand Theft Auto fans directly to warn them and invite them to prepare for what could be, he says Bitter disappointments.

According to insiders, in fact, “Some people don’t realize how messy GTA 6 development can be. I really think many fans will be very disappointed with some aspects of the game, even if not from a purely graphic point of view”.

In light of these upcoming developments, according to insiders, from a source inside Rockstar, everything is pointing to that “If GTA 6 is officially announced at the end of this year or the beginning of 2022, there will indeed be some concern”. The unveiling of GTA 6 in this period of time, indicates to insiders, means watching an ad The project is not ready yet Thus, it would inevitably be destined to disappoint the massive fans.

As usual, we invite those who follow us to take this kind of recklessness with caution and take into account its truth, i.e. rumors coming from sources whose credibility is questionable. Speech regarding the latest news on GTA Online ContractThe next combo expansion for GTA V multiplayer with Franklin E. Dr. Dre It was officially announced by Rockstar in recent days.

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