The decree defining certain rules for sustainable wine has been approved

The decree defining certain rules for sustainable wine has been approved


Thus, a single national system was finally identified that accommodated those that existed so far

by Giorgio Del Oreves

2021 could be the first ‘sustainable’ harvest. In fact, the “Sustainability” decree has been approved in recent days, which sets a single standard for the production of “green” wine which – we remember – is something more than just organic production.

To date, there have been various standards both (Viva set by the Ministry of the Environment, the National Quality System for Integrated Production set by the Ministry of Agricultural Policy) and private (the most widespread being Equalitas) as well as a myriad of initiatives in the region – all on the basis of sustainability. .


With the new decree, one national system is finally defined that accommodates those in force thus far, defines the rules for green production (from the vineyard to the basement) and also includes the areas of economic and social sustainability.

Italy is the first European country To adopt a national sustainable wine system. In other regions of the world, New Zealand is the most advanced country in green production. The goal is to define a unique sustainable bottle logo on the New Zealand model that delivers great results in markets specifically with green production.

A point about the transition towards sustainability will also be made at the vineyard on July 6th during the Italian Wine Association meeting in Rome.

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