Certainly New Zealand won their second group match against Namibia (71-3), the truth is that the All Blacks have not carried insurance against all risks since the start of the World Cup symbolized by this opening defeat to France (27-13). It is clear that before their third match scheduled for September 29 against Italy, they remain in the race to qualify for the quarter-finals, but there is one element that could tip the scales in the wrong direction.

Indeed, during the match against Namibia, Ethan De Groot received a red card for a shoulder tackle on Adrian Boysen. The day before, Roman Taofifinoa had ‘distinguished himself’ in the same way, but received a simple warning. The New Zealand staff did not appreciate this distinction between these two cases in comments reported by Rugbirama: “We have to take the time to analyze all of that, but I think between last night and this evening, it is a consistency issue that needs to be resolved.” It will be worked on from match to match.” For his action, the All Black column was summoned on Monday by an independent disciplinary panel.