The culture of France is alive and on full display in Nantes for the 24th edition of the Les Utopiales festival

The culture of France is alive and on full display in Nantes for the 24th edition of the Les Utopiales festival

France’s culture is alive and in public where are you

to 24H Editing From the festival the Shtopicals

Friday 3 November from 10am30 It’s five o’clock on the air

on French culture website to’Radio France application

France Culture comes to Nantes for a day of live and public broadcasting. Loyal partner of the festival International Science Fiction the Utopia, four BroadcastIt will be held on Friday, November 3rd at the hearte city Subordinate Congress To bring life to Listeners This event, giving pride of place to literature andscience.

The culture of France in public spaces in the conference city of Nantes on stage Shayol,FifthFriday 3 November

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM MThe wrong types to François Angelier – Broadcast on Sunday 11/05 at 3 pm.

with Ugo Bellagambawriter, author Utopian Dictionary of Science Fiction (Belial), Tasha SyrianBritish writer, author Jasmine Throne (Hachette Heroes) And history Jean-Luc Rivera.

debate Very important with François Angelier And Nicholas Martin arounds sOman Invade By Nina Allan (Editions Tristram) And When we ate the last dog By Justin New Great (Au Diable Vauvert editions)

Meeting – with Celine Maynardwriter of the Grand Prix Fiction 2022 “New Francophones” section of her collection Plasma Published by Revages

with Pierre Bourgetscience fiction author

with Roland Catch upastrophysicist, Natalie Beesonparticle physicist at CEA and Cleo Colomblecturer at the University of Paris-Saclay

From November 1 to 5, 24th edition of Utopia Looks at the role of science fiction in the transfer process. Literature, Science, Film, Comics, Exhibitions, Role-Playing Games, Video Games and the Asian Centre: for over 20 years, interdisciplinary programming for Utopia Combines the worlds of science and science fiction. Festival brings together Scientists, researchers, writers, screenwriters, designers and directors

> And also On air :

The broadcast was recorded at Utopia And dedicated to René’s SF animation works LaLux to On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of its release Wild Planetin company Xavier Kawa Toborwriter, historian, and artistic director generation Francescanodesigner and illustrator.

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