The crazy story that delighted Apple

The crazy story that delighted Apple

This is the crazy story that happened at the end of June, where a firefighter was saved by his Apple Watch while he was having a heart attack.

Stories of saving lives with the Apple Watch are nothing new. In fact, the Cupertino company's connected watches are They are regularly highlighted for their health monitoring apps. And they were forced to see the results there.

Once again these devices saved a life: Case of a 44-year-old firefighter who suffered a heart attack.

High quality health monitoring

Travis Chalmers is a 44-year-old Canadian firefighter.

The story of his rescue with Apple Watch debuts as he goes on road hockey tour With his son. Then he says, L World NewsFeeling “warm” (as well as jaw pain and chest palpitations).

Although he had just finished his physical activity a few hours ago, His heart was still beating hard… He then went to the stats on his Apple Watch which then told him he had atrial fibrillation.

After receiving this notice, Travis Chalmers Goes to Hospital After several tests, hospital services revealed to him that he was indeed suffering from a seizure.

Apple Watch on the wrist

Useful accessory, but not essential.

Although Apple Watches (and other smartwatches) are very convenient and have saved many lives, It must be remembered that it only confirms existing symptoms.

As cardiologist Giorsti McIntyre reminds us, You should go to the hospital as soon as you see it, and you should not rely exclusively on such devices.

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