The Covax program wants to raise $ 2 billion in vaccine reserves

The Covax program wants to raise $ 2 billion in vaccine reserves

Vaccination: The Covax Program Wants to Raising $ 2 Billion in Vaccine Reserve (Infographic) – Acceptable companion / AP / SIPA

The Covax International Program It launched a campaign Thursday to raise an additional $ 2 billion to keep doses of
Covid vaccines. The Covax system enables the 92 poorest countries to receive doses of vaccines, thanks to money raised by donors.

All over the world, people must be able to get vaccinated againstCovid-19 US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said it has been tested accurately, safely and effectively. As long as the virus spreads and multiplies anywhere on the planet, it poses a threat to the world’s population. “

More than 38 million vaccine doses in 113 countries

Japan will hold a summit in June on financing the Kovacs system. “Vaccine supplies and funding remain insufficient, and there is an urgent need to strengthen the Kovacs program to ensure equitable access to safe, effective and high-quality vaccines for developing countries,” said Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi.

A total of 840 million doses of the vaccine have been delivered to at least 205 regions around the world, according to an AFP tally. The Covax system has delivered more than 38 million doses to 113 countries. The first batch was delivered to Ghana on February 24 and Ghanaian President Nana Akufo Addo was the first to be vaccinated.

WHO, the Gavi Vaccine Alliance, and the Alliance for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations are jointly leading Kovacs. The goal of the program is to distribute sufficient doses to immunize up to 27% of the population in 92 poor countries by the end of the year. “We have as many as 2.5 billion doses and our goal is to have another billion,” said Gavi President Seth Berkeley. To be able to keep your vaccines, it is imperative to have funding. “

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