The couple spotted a shark off Big Manley Beach in Auckland

Another shark is spotted on an Auckland beach, after a couple eating berries on a Saturday evening stroll was stunned when a shark up to 2.7 meters high penetrated nearby waters.

Sighting, at the end of the Swan Preserve of Big Manly Beach around 7.30pm, is among the many sights in Northern New Zealand this summer.

On Wednesday, an Oakland man was bloodied and slightly injured after a shark bitten his arm at Papamoa Beach in Plenty Bay, and the conservation department called for vigilance in the nearby port of Tauranga this long weekend after several possible sightings of white sharks.

Earlier this month, Kaile Marlowe, 19, was killed in a suspected shark attack at Weihi Beach.

In last night’s scene of Big Manley Beach, 19-year-old Riley Martell and his girlfriend Lily Fonseca were having a picnic when a rusty-colored shark, of unknown species, penetrated the waters twice four meters off the shore.

“It was really cool, beautiful scenery,” Martel said. Announces.

“One minute you eat your raspberries and then” Wow, that’s a big fish. “

Martell said that no one was in the water at the time, although there were two other swimmers on the other end of the shore.

He’s also a regular swimmer on the beach, not late to see him today.

“I’m still swimming there.”

In the Papamoa attack, the man said the shark involved was a “baby” that “fortunately didn’t catch it.”

“By the time I came to the roof, he was gone. I rubbed the water from my eyes as soon as I penetrated the surface, and as I did I felt like a big rush of water, I suppose from his tail, a whip from the past,” said Stuff.

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In the DOC warning, people were told to avoid swimming in the main canals of Tauranga Port or fishing from kayaks and jet skis.

Clinton Duffy, marine technical advisor at DOC, said the public should remember that they were sharing coastal waters with a number of different shark species.

“There are always sharks around our coast and sometimes they even get close to shore.”

There have been several confirmed and unconfirmed sightings of great white sharks in Tauranga Harbor recently.

“It is not unusual for them to be there, but when we visit the ocean, we need to be a bit vigilant and aware of what is happening around us.

“Swimming where patrols save lives, and don’t swim or dive alone.”

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