The couple reportedly discovered the world's largest potato in their garden

The couple reportedly discovered the world’s largest potato in their garden

While they were quietly gardening in vegetable garden employment
New ZealandColin and Donna Craig Brown made a very unique and surprising discovery. While weeding, their forks hit something, report it Lou Huffington PostThursday. Surprise: the couple saw a huge potato underground.

At the time, the two residents did not know what it was because the tuber was not very aesthetically pleasing. But after rubbing a little of her skin and tasting it a bit, the couple is officially: It’s indeed a potato. Colin and Donna Craig Brown immediately took their discovery to the garage for its weight. Scale display Weight … 7.8 kg.

The current record set at 5 kg

So it would be the largest potato ever recorded in the world. The current record, 5 kg, was set in 2011 in Great Britain. The couple decided to call the Guinness Book of Records in hopes of validating this impressive new record. They are waiting for a response from the organization. Meanwhile, potatoes nicknamed “dog” are kept in the freezer.

In the weeks since its discovery, the enormous tuber has become a real attraction around the New Zealand farm. Colin and Donna Craig Brown built a small cart to transport it. “You know, poor man,” said Colin, “he doesn’t have arms and legs and that sort of thing, so I made him a little wagon, so we could take it out and give him a little sun now and then.”

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