The common space is enriched by an olive grove

The common space is enriched by an olive grove

Dozens of volunteers from two partner associations, Nuit'l'd'olive and Murviel Patrimoine, armed themselves, on the morning of Saturday 30 March, with shovels and shovels to plant 9 small olive plants in the common area, located between the oppidum forum and the retirement home.

For two years, Murviel Patrimoine has been responsible for transforming this barren, rocky land into a fertile experimental public garden: dry stone walls, Roman stone picnic area, mulching, planting of rustic grape varieties, lavender, fruit and ornamental trees, adapted to the land and the local climate.

All selected olive plants symbolize traditional Hérault olive cultivation: Lucques, Picholine, Clermontaise, Bouteillan, Verdale, Aglandon, Olivier. What's missing from the schedule is Rougette de Pignan, which will be next time.

One of these shrubs bears the name of Bertrand Nicolas, who died in early March at the age of 58 after a long battle with cancer. Bertrand was the militant leader and chief revered by all the inhabitants of Nuit'd'olive.

By planting these trees, famous for their sometimes thousand-year-old lives, his idea of ​​preserving olive trees and harvesting them en masse in public places continues. On common ground awaiting baptism.

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