The coach's wife and daughter were attacked during the World Cup in France

The coach's wife and daughter were attacked during the World Cup in France

New Zealand coach Ian Foster has revealed that his wife and daughter were attacked by a man armed with a knife in Creteil near the hotel where black people were staying during the Rugby World Cup.

The wife and daughter of former All Blacks coach Ian Foster were attacked during the Rugby World Cup, threatened by a man armed with a knife – the man who led the New Zealanders to the competition's reveal final.

They made their attacker escape

His wife Leigh and daughter Michaela, also a defender for her country's national football team, were assaulted near the Hotel of the Lions, who were staying in Créteil, near Paris, around the time of the opening match of the World Cup, which France won. Against the New Zealanders (27-13).

Foster said in a statement, after what was revealed by the New Zealand press: “An incident occurred involving my wife and one of my daughters in Paris, during the opening week of the Rugby World Cup.”

He added: “Lee and Michaela were walking from a nearby tube station to our team hotel in the early evening when they were confronted by a young man armed with a knife.” “It looks like this guy was under the influence of something.”

Ian Foster, who was replaced by Scott Robertson at the helm of the Lions national team after the World Cup, confirmed that his wife and daughter were able to defuse the situation “calmly but firmly.” He continued: “The young man is gone.”

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The attack, which Foster did not mention during the competition, ended in favor of the blacks with a 12-11 defeat in the final match against South Africa, and the French authorities and the department responsible for the security of the blacks were reported. The former coach explained.

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He concluded: “As a family, we would like to confirm that this incident did not spoil our stay in France, which was generally positive.”

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