The championship race will culminate in the Régates de Beauharnois

The championship race will culminate in the Régates de Beauharnois

On the occasion of the 15thH Presented at the cozy Bourcier Park site on the Melocheville sector, an edition of the event will experience 2023 culminations in 5 of HRL’s 6 boat classes.

Only one class, Formula 2500, has its champion, John Shaw, who has accumulated enough points to lead 2H Successive nickname of “Tenacity” F-92 for owner Alfred Thompson. Shaw, who is based in Centerville (Maryland), was able to celebrate this foray at the North Tonawanda Regatta (New York).

For the rest, everything will be decided over the Labor Day weekend in Beauharnois. In the Grand Prix category, rumors spread due to the possible absence of the GP-88 “Hydrofish”, which occupies 2H A place in the championship, only 9 points ahead of Ruben Demers and the GP-757 “Canada Boy”. according to what regional voice I was able to learn from reliable sources, there is a very strong possibility that the boat will be the 2022 champion in the matchup with Andrew Tate at the helm.

Thus, the rider from Walled Lake (Michigan) may be able to try to defend his title, which he won last year thanks to a perfect record. If Robin Demers (330 points) and Andrew Tate (321 points) are positioned to clinch the top spot on the podium this season, they have no room for error.

New Zealanders Jack Lupton (GP-33, 299 points) and Ken Lupton (Lucas Oil GP-577, 294 points) are close to the leaders despite struggling in North Tonawanda. Given that the maximum harvest can reach 90 points in one weekend, anything is possible for the proud competitors in Waverly (New Zealand).

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Ken Brodie II, installed at 5H He ranks 50 points behind him, and he can also aspire to top honors with his “Freedom” GP-50. In addition, Grand Prix teams will come to Beauharnois with the intent of spoiler sports. Jeff Bernard, Michael Grindel and GP-79 teammates “Bad Influence” await revenge on GP-88 “Hydrofish” after a thrilling final finish in favor of Andrew Tate at the 83rd Régates de Valleyfield. What’s more, the members of the GP-35 “TKO Racing” team will want to build on their victory in the final race at the North Tonawanda Regatta (NY) with Bobby Kennedy behind the wheel.

Two Quebec teams will also try to mix things up, including the “Miss Cléopâtre” GP-104 piloted by Marc Lecompte as well as the “Plomberie Sylco” GP-212, now piloted by Eric Langevin. The Grand Prix fleet of cars must have 9 registered in Beauharnois, given that the ‘GP-OO7’ hired by Warwick Lupton from Richard Hearn (GP-14) should not be part of the group of participants, because there is not enough crew to allow it to be a family patriarch. Lepton to jump into the fray. It should be noted that Campivallensien driver Nicolas Rousse, alternate to “Bad Influence”, will be driving the GP-79 of Michael Grindel during Saturday morning’s free practice in Beauharnois.

Coming today (Thursday), the status of the other classes in the Seaplane Regatta League as the Grand Finals approach in Beauernois.

Rating – Grand Prix category

Robin Demers- Canada Boy GP-757 (330 points)

Andrew Tate- Hydrofish GP-88 (321 points)

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Jack Lupton- Lupton Motorsports GP-33 (299 points)

Ken Lupton- Lucas GP-577 Oil (294 points)

Ken Brody II – Liberty GP-50 (280 points)

Bobby / Brandon Kennedy – TKO Racing GP-35 (244)

Eric Langevin Plumbing Sylco GP-212 (187 points)

Jeff Bernard bad influence GP-79 (167 points)

Marc LeCompte Miss Cleopatra GP-104 (157 points)

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