The champions are already preparing for the Olympics in the port of Marseille

The champions are already preparing for the Olympics in the port of Marseille

TheThe atmosphere of the Olympic Games is clear, “ says Daniela Moroz, a 22-year-old American and five-time world champion windsurfing. In Marseille, at the Pointe Rouge Yacht Club (YCPR), the best athletes of the “world of sailing” meet from July 25 to August 8 in “Olympic time”.

These two weeks allow the athletes to make their mark on Marseille at the 2024 Games. We do a lot of prep work, we have to find hot spots and think of strategies “,” Lorena Abicht details. The 28-year-old Austrian surfer is considered a dean of the discipline. This place is very special, I have memories of the days when the Mistral blew so hard, it’s a nice dose of fun to have come here. » An opinion shared by Martin Wrigley, the English boater in the mixed doubles 470, represented by Marseille Beautiful place, different from the rest of the calendar “,” Especially thanks to the navigation conditions It is often difficult ».

For the 2024 edition, medal expectations are high for athletes. The Briton is seeking an Olympic medal and Why not gold? ». His New Zealand counterpart Sam Bacon, less modest, aims to climb to the top of the podium. I want the gold medal and nothing else, I’m training hard for it » Smiling glides with his fellow New Zealand sailing teammates.

Daniela Moroz, despite her impressive record, meditates place on the podium “,” Where will the competition be? Tough with the French and the others “.

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200 athletes in Pointe Rouge

Since September 13, 2017, and the formalization of Paris 2024 with Marseille as the host city for sailing events, Marseille has seen big things especially at Pointe Rouge Yacht Club.

Early in 2018, we considered this Game Preparation Center project and got the official look in 2020 “,” Clara Gilling, event organizer for YCPR, explains. These two weeks are a bit of a big rehearsal. We have about 200 athletes on site who train and get their directions here. They don’t make up the entire Olympic field »as you say.

Ten Olympic fans and nine nationalities participate in YCPR. Together the crews share a kind of Olympic village where they have one or more containers at their disposal as a workshop, restroom or storage room.

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