The brothers want to have "first zero waste brewery."

The brothers want to have “first zero waste brewery.”

Florian, a luthier with training, started making beer in 2017, and his brother joined him a year later. “Together, we go further and also work faster! The brewery fills, followed by the first garage, then the second garage.” The move to larger and more efficient premises becomes a necessity, as does the desire to create a “production site that is” as flexible as Possibility ”and having a reception area.

Their recent acquisition of the old Dun Agri building, ideally located on the edge of D964, now gives them hope to see their desires come true.

Their goal: “To have the first zero waste brewery.” Thus, Florian is developing research on mushroom cultivation that “will consume carton boxes in very poor condition, little yeast and few grains left over from the fermentation process”.

The future plan is to acquire a methanizer, solar water heater, electrical support with photovoltaic panels, and a plant purification system. “

An ambitious program that they intend to implement step-by-step, starting with the development of this bar area, then the creation of a mushroom farm, laboratory space for yeasts and mycelium, a catering area, and finally, “violin making space” where instrument-making courses can be offered.

Contributors are free to donate as much as they want. They are offered a match for their donation.

Of course, the higher the amount, the higher the yield, which ranges from half at a La Dunoise bar, goodies, glasses, T-shirts or promotional codes to several cans of beer, right up to the brewing day. And even, the most generous, is Florian’s folk guitar!

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In just a few days, 2,650 euros have already been raised, or 26% of the first level set at 10,000 euros. Enough to encourage the two brothers to pursue their projects and realize their dreams!

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