"The brain is sculpted when you connect with others"

“The brain is sculpted when you connect with others”

Private Meeting (4/12) – What would humans be without others? Nothing, neurologists say. Born incomplete, we will have a vital need for interactions. Otherwise, at the risk of seeing our brain become stiff.

“It is a feature of any encounter: it modifies us.” Psychologist word? No, the person who assures us is not so much concerned with the functioning of our psyche as he is with the organic functioning of our brain. Pierre Lemarques, neurologist, neurophysiologist, neuropharmacologist, member of the French Society of Neurology, the French-speaking Society of Neurophysiology, and the New York Academy of Sciences explains: “With every encounter we have, at least if it has meaning for us, the brain is carved into contact with others. Thus our existence, the ‘lines of our life’, is constructed through porosity, on the edge of the ego (inner) and the other (outside). Through its repeated influences, the exterior design is constantly reshaping our interior.” Who is there to admit that not only “Meetings make us, each time, different beings, into a permanent becoming.” – Capricious and inconsistent beings? -, but in the end they “literally build our lives, by defining them”… that’s what seriously calls into question our subjectivity. The other will be, like me, who will play the game… and that is, significantly more in humans than in any other species.

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