El policía de Nueva Zelanda dio un paseo con el menor en su patrulla, (Facebook)

The boy calls the police to show him his toys

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Four year old boy Call 911 to show him his toys to me New Zealand Police. The officers, far from reprimanding the minor, were friendly and came to live with him.

One of the children’s favorite hobbies is to display their toys to anyone in their house or when they visit. Minors are more happy when there is a positive response and people also want to play.

The four-year-old admires police officers, and therefore, it is not surprising that he wanted to show him his toys. However, it was remarkable that the little boy took the initiative to call the emergency number to call them and tell them that he would like to show them his toys.

Listening to the boy, the policemen were friendly and spoke to him for a few seconds, until the father realized the call. The father picked up the phone and apologized to the officers for the mistake.

After the call, the police office asked if there was anyone near the address. “There is a four-year-old boy who wants to show the police his toys,” they said over the radio.

A police officer named Kurt did not hesitate to show the boy a surprise and quickly replied: “Yes, I’m ready, I’ll bring with youThe officer went to the boy’s house and enthusiastically showed him all his toys.

Kurt Invited the minor to tour the patrol Once they saw their toys. In addition, they gave him an educational talk on using the police number.

“While we did not encourage children to call 911 to show us their toys, this was too cute to share,” the officers said.

New Zealand Police shared the story and conversation they had with the boy via social media. The case went viral, accumulating thousands of reactions and supportive comments for the officers.

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