The Bodybalance, a nice gym suitable for senior citizens

The Bodybalance, a nice gym suitable for senior citizens

Body balance is a yoga-like activity that allows you to gently work out the different muscle groups in the body but also to relax. Bodybalance is very complete. Thanks to it, you can improve your balance, flexibility and strength. The combinations of movements performed during the class also reduce stress and anxiety. It is offered in gyms and by some associations, and is well suited to the elderly. Want to take advantage of it? Here’s everything you need to know about Bodybalance.

What is body balance?

Bodybalance is a very complete fitness course for all generations, including the elderly. The Bodybalance was created by a New Zealand company called Les Mills. Founded by Leslie Mills. The Body Pump and the Body Combat are two more activities born from the same company.

Balance is a discipline that revolves around muscle-strengthening, stretching and relaxation exercises. To do this, he drew inspiration from yoga, tai chi and pilates. Sequences can thus be choreographed into music. Body balance is an activity for well-being. So it is gentle on the body and excellent for the mind. This is why breathing is an important point throughout the cycle.

Bodybalance is open to everyone, whatever your level. Beginners can do this activity perfectly.

What are the benefits of Bodybalance?

Exercising with body balance has many benefits:

  • Improves flexibility. Your body is more flexible and you feel better about yourself.
  • Improves muscle strength. Reinforcements pertain to the abdominal muscles, back and deep muscles as well. Your posture is improving day by day and your back pain is less.
  • Improves balance. Thanks to the movements, you are working on stability. The risk of falling is greatly reduced.
  • Reduces stress. Because it involves relaxation, this practice allows you to relax and feel better.
  • It improves breathing and increases lung capacity. Respiratory muscles are strengthened.

The benefits of body balance are numerous and particularly suitable for the elderly. They benefit from better coordination and better balance. Bodybalance, practiced regularly, helps to age well and above all to stay independent.

Is it possible to lose weight with Bodybalance?

Bodybalance can help you lose weight. In fact, during the session, she combines muscle-strengthening exercises and sometimes cardio. However, 45 minutes of Bodybalance only burns 400 calories. For comparison, brisk walking can burn between 300 and 400 calories in one hour. For the effects of Bodybalance to appear, at least 3 sessions per week must be performed. So you can maintain a healthy weight. Since it will be more toned, your silhouette will be visibly enhanced.

To lose weight, Bodybalance is not enough. At the same time, you should reduce your calorie intake by eating a balanced diet and increasing your expenditure. Other activities include Nordic walking, swimming or cycling. This way you can also work on your endurance.

Vigilance is required with weight loss in the elderly. It needs to be very progressive so as not to wear you down. The physical activities chosen must necessarily be adapted to your capabilities.

How does a Bodybalance session take place?

A body balance session can last 30, 45 or 60 minutes. If the courses are for the elderly, then they are shorter. Each session is very complete. It begins with a warm-up phase that prepares the body for the exercises that follow. This warm-up lasts for 15 minutes. It consists of stretching and breathing exercises, and allows you to become aware of your body.

Then comes the exercises that allow you to work on flexibility. The stretches are more intense and involve all parts of the body. Progressive physical efforts. If you perform the exercises correctly, you will not feel any pain. On the one hand, you will feel that your muscles have worked.

Once your body is warmed up, you will do a few sets. This is very simple and easy. Most often, they are done to very pleasant music. During the session, the teacher helps you to find the right positions. This is important because you reduce the risk of infection. The movements are slow and require excellent control. Over the course of the sessions, everything will seem easier to you.

At the end of the session, you will take a few minutes to perform relaxation exercises. It is not uncommon for you to be offered a stretch as well. When you leave, you feel light and completely relaxed.

Where do you practice Bodybalance?

The Bodybalance is an activity that is offered everywhere in France. To find a course, you can inquire with the sports clubs or associations in your city or region. If you have the opportunity to find a course for seniors, even better! The exercises will be better targeted and above all, adapted to your needs and abilities. Depending on the course, you will have to pay by the year or by the course.

What outfit should you wear for a Bodybalance session?

For a Bodybalance session, you must have suitable clothes. No specific outfit required. However, it is recommended to wear comfortable, flexible clothing that does not restrict their movements. Shoes are not necessary. Your teacher will tell you if you need it or not.

Consider purchasing a gym mat. It is much safer in terms of hygiene than those available to you. You can also take a towel and lie on it. Remember to take a second to clear yourself during the session. It is also essential to have a bottle of water to hydrate before, during and after your session.

Should I make an appointment with my doctor before doing bodybuilding exercises?

Depending on the institution offering Bodybalance sessions, a medical certificate may be required. In general, it is recommended that you clarify the point of view of the practitioner who follows you before embarking on physical activity. Depending on your health condition, a professional can advise you on the optimal frequency and which movements to avoid.

If you feel sore during a Bodybalance class, schedule a quick appointment to make sure you don’t injure yourself!

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