The boarding gate changed at the last moment, and it found itself 1,400 kilometers from its destination

The boarding gate changed at the last moment, and it found itself 1,400 kilometers from its destination

Beverly Ellis Hibbard went through a funny combination of circumstances on November 6th. As reported by our colleagues from The IndependentThis American took the plane, as usual, Ben Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) and jacksonville (FL).

A person who has a home in both cities regularly goes back and forth to enjoy the Florida beaches. Since it’s a domestic flight, she doesn’t even bother to bring her passport, her ID is enough.

Restroom restroom

However, on November 6, she would like to get her passport… When she had just had back surgery, she was going to Jacksonville to rest. When she got to the Philadelphia airport, she looked at the screens, and saw “PHL to JAX,” the flight she was supposed to be on.

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She goes to the opposite boarding gate, and asks the staff if she has time to go to the toilet. She was told she had “about 20 minutes.” However, when she returns from the toilet, she notices that the passengers have already boarded the plane and the boarding gate is about to close.

The plane leaves for … Jamaica

Then she rushes so as not to miss her flight and injure her hand with the suitcase. Under pressure from a flight attendant, she did not present the boarding pass she had already checked in a few minutes earlier.

Once she gets to the plane, the staff comes to take care of her because her hand is bleeding a little. Then a crew member told her she could relax once she landed… in Jamaica.

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She smiles and replies that she would like to go there, but she already has the beach at home. The hostess replies: “Look at me, this plane is going to Jamaica.” In his eyes, you know she’s not kidding.

Last minute change

While she was in the bathroom, the boarding gate was changed. The problem, however, was that she arrived in Jamaica without a passport and was therefore not sure she could return.

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Fortunately, the Jamaican authorities allowed her to stay at the airport without going through the border crossing, and she was able to catch another flight to Philadelphia. Angrily, she assures us that this should not have happened, especially since she traveled without a passport. She thinks the attendant at the boarding gate didn’t do her job properly.

In response to a question from The Independent newspaper, Frontier Airlines confirmed that it regretted this incident and explained that it had reimbursed and compensated the passenger, while reminding the flight attendants of the procedures at the airport.

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