The Blues fail in the final against New Zealand

The Blues fail in the final against New Zealand

At the end of a penalty shootout session full of fluctuations, the French team failed in the Nations Cup final against New Zealand (4-3 (1-1)).

In the first half, neither team was able to discover the mistake. The Blues struggled and the New Zealanders entered the French zone twice, but narrowly missed the goal. Although there were no big chances in the first half, Fred C's men held their ground defensively.

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Back from the locker room, the Blues came back with better intentions, such as a good shot from Simon Martin-Brisac at the entrance to the circle. A few minutes later, a shot from Jaspar Baumgarten hit the New Zealand post. In the last quarter, after an individual effort, New Zealand opened the scoring through Elmis Jonty (1-0, 53rd place). Four minutes later, Victor Charlet scored a goal against the computer and allowed his team to get back on track (1-1, minute 57). With seven goals in the competition, Victor Charlet became the tournament's top scorer. The end of the match is close, and the two teams will have to compete for the title through penalty kicks.

With three penalties, one strike and two misses, the French side allowed New Zealand to escape, who retained their place in the A-League for next season.

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