The blues crush New Zealand

The blues crush New Zealand

The French team greeted Hammou’s fans on Saturday in their second game of the fall tour against New Zealand’s formidable Black Ferns (38-13).

In front of 12,000 spectators assembled at Bow, the blue team roamed with a total of six attempts against the New Zealanders without solutions throughout the meeting.

This is the third consecutive win for France over New Zealand.

Six attempts for the blues

Less than a year after the 2022 World Cup (October 8 – November 12, 2022) in New Zealand, the France team continues to gain maximum confidence.

Bennett put the Frenchman in orbit at the start of the match (11 minutes) after a 5-meter throw, before doing it again a few minutes later with a clever serve from Werner (15).

Jacquet even allowed Le Bleu to split before the siren (40 minutes) to allow the French team to lead 19-6 in the first half.

He resumed the second act in the same manner with a large pressure of blues on the choked black fern.

Emily Pollard scored the fourth French attempt with a corner kick after penetrating a group into the axle.

Unsatisfied, Bleues drove the point home via Sochat (63′) and Sansus (71′) at cheery Hameau Court.

However, the Blacks Ferns managed to salvage Honor in the clash, during one of the rare moments of the tricolor defense’s absence.

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