The Black Caps haunt the total Windies at the end, and Ferguson Bags five versus 1 news

New Zealand subjected its first match this summer, by defeating the West Indies by five wickets at Eden Park in Auckland, in a match that was at stake.

Lucky Ferguson. Source: Photosport

West Indies captain Kieron Pollard dominated the first round, shooting 75 of 37 balls to take the West Indies to 180/7 at the end of the first rounds.

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Santner scored the winning runs with only five balls in the match. Source: Spark

Both rounds were shortened to just 16 times, after intermittent rain in the first rounds caused play pauses multiple times.

The star of the first rounds for New Zealand was Lucky Ferguson who was constantly hitting at speeds in excess of 150 km / h, picking up a bag of five wickets in the process.

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Phillips scored 22 quick throws in the Black Caps’ five-wicket win over the West Indies. Source: Spark Sport

Bearing in mind rain delays, New Zealand was awarded a revised second innings of 176 to chase 16 times.

The opening pair of Black Caps fell cheaply, but rookie Devon Conway dug his heels, fastening the Black Caps innings with 41 packs of 29 balls.

Later in his roles, Conway worked alongside Jimmy Nesham to put together a 50-time partnership, a performance that ultimately put New Zealand in a win-win position.

Neesham is the highest-scoring record holder in the Black Caps, scoring 48 unbeaten, out of just 24 balls in pyrotechnic innings.

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Glenn Phillips also got into a fast-paced 22-shot with only 7 ball featuring three and four balls.

Phillips needed attention during his roles after collapsing on the wrinkle after crushing six over a long period in the area, in what appeared to be a shrinking.

The exact nature of his injury is unknown, but he played before being sent off shortly after.

Mitchell Santner was tasked with picking the winning runs as the Black Caps needed four rounds of the final match and the tail-pick did so emphatically.

Santner fired six balls and four remaining, to clinch his victory with five wickets.

The Black Cubs and the West Indies compete head-to-head again Sunday at Bay Oval at Mount Maunganui in the second T20 of the three-match T20 series.

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