The best things that happened to sports in 2021

The best things that happened to sports in 2021

2021 is coming to an end soon, so it’s time to look back and take stock of the sporting events that marked us. Once again this year, we were spoiled by major accomplishments, unexpected returns, intense battles, and exceptional performance. We take a look at what top sport has given us over the past 12 months.

  • Esteban Ocon’s first victory in Formula One

We begin with Kokuriko’s moment. After Pierre Gasly last year, a new French driver won the Formula 1 Grand Prix. On August 1, Esteban Ocon climbed the top of the podium at the Hungarian Grand Prix, ahead of world champions: Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. A French victory doubled, as it gave Alpine its first F1 success under that name, amplified by Julien Febreau’s emotional comments.

  • The battle to the end between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

The only way out is to fight. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a tight world championship in Formula One. Between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, the battle was tough, dangerous and amazing, right up to the last Grand Prix. We want more.

  • Clarice Agbenio, recipient size

She came, she saw, she conquered. France’s flag bearer Clarice Agbeneau topped the rankings in Tokyo to win her first Olympic gold, the only one missing from her phenomenal record. After Rio’s disappointment, the governor took revenge on the one who defeated her in the final 5 years ago, Slovenian Tina Terstenjak. legendary.

  • Roman Cannon’s surprise

Few expected him or knew him, yet fencer Romain Cannon, who was ranked 47th in the world before the games started, hit a blow by winning France’s first gold medal in Tokyo. A great story, especially when you know it shouldn’t go along with the single event. The magic of games.

  • Golden handball teams

Handball is a sport played 7 against 7 and in the end the French teams win. If Gary Lineker had been a handball player, that’s a sentence he would have said. Since the Germans dominated football at the time, the blues in handball did the same during the Tokyo Games. The masculine-feminine double that’s fun.

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  • Moto GP World Championship title for Fabio Quartararo

He did. At just 22 years old, Fabio Quartaro became the first French motorcycle world champion, just two years after making his first class appearance. However, the Nice native has been under a lot of pressure this season by joining the Yamaha team where he replaced living legend Valentino Rossi, his idol. The next generation is more than sure and we can’t wait to see her defend her title.

  • silver basketball players

The Olympic campaign of the French basketball players began with a major achievement: the victory over defending champions the United States in the opening match. Victory set the course for Vincent Colette’s impressive men’s tournament course. Yvan Fournier took on his role as chief, as is often the case with the blue jersey; Rudi Joubert showed that his hands are not only used for blocking, but also for scoring; And Nicholas Batum was more amenable than ever to allow the Blues to reach the final.

  • The giant match between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal

In real life, Titans attack It will look like the legendary match presented to us by Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals of Roland Garros. An anthology meeting between the record holder for Porte d’Auteuil’s victories and the Serbian. The poster is so intense that the Paris police have given onlookers the privilege to defy the curfew that is still in effect. Prove if one needs one of the legendary scope of this match at the top. no escape.

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Perhaps the NFL should change its name to the Tom Brady Football League. In his first season under his new colors with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Stainless quarterback presented himself a new Super Bowl, his seventh, after winning previous titles with the New England Patriots. Confronting the defending champions, the illustrious Kansas City Chiefs, 44-year-old Patrick Mahomes, led the 44-year-old QB to their second title by dominating the encounter. goat

  • The fifteenth of France crushes all blacks

It may be narrative, but what the Blues achieved on November 20th is a real breakthrough. Less than two years before the Rugby World Cup kicks off in France, coach Fabien Galtier’s players give New Zealanders a lesson in rugby. At the Stade de France Armored, Romain Netamak and his teammates put up a show, scoring 3 attempts in the first half hour. More than the score, it’s how the 15th Frenchman got this magical victory. Fast 2023.

  • Naomi Osaka’s free speech

2021 at Naomi Osaka was complicated in many ways. Ironically, the setbacks to the Japanese tennis champion made it possible to open the mental health file in the middle of the little yellow ball. In the face of the reservations of the organizers of the Roland Garros tournament in front of the player’s refusal to appear at a press conference, the double winner of the Australian Open and the US Open preferred to withdraw from the tournament. A very symbolic decision, praised by many of his comrades in WTA and ATP circles, would mark a milestone.

  • Karim Benzema returns to the French national team

It was unexpected, then an encouraging rumor in the heart of the spring and Didier Deschamps finally made the news official, when he announced his 26th European Championship squad: Karim Benzema’s return to the French national team. Since 2015, the Real Madrid striker has not been wearing the shirt of choice, and for his return with the Blues, he has not disappointed. Despite the Euro’s failure at the collective level, KB9 secured the match, remained a savior for his family several times, and continued his momentum during the fourth final of the Nations League by transferring him to a new title, his first with France.

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  • Le blockbuster Wilder vs Fury 3

With a few exceptions, movie sequels are rarely successful. But in the world of boxing, it’s quite the opposite. Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury proved it once again in their third fight. After a second chapter of the soaring flight, which saw the Briton drive out the “human bomber”, this final showdown was even more exciting. Longer, and more intense, this battle between the two heavy forces was fun. Wilder’s revenge went after himself, and he managed to bring down Fury. But that was not enough in the face of the style and stamina of the “Gypsy King” who won in the third round by knockout in Round 11. Thank you gentlemen.

  • McLaughlin’s rocket and world records in the women’s 400m hurdles

Remember this name: Sidney McLaughlin. In 2021, the American sprinter broke two world records in the 400-meter hurdles. Excuse me a little. During the Olympic selections last June, the athlete erased the old record of his compatriot Dalilah Muhammad in 51 seconds 90 (versus 52 seconds 16). At the end of the art-touching race, McLaughlin became the first woman to cross the 52-second barrier. A major achievement, which she will nonetheless top in the Olympic final of the 400m hurdles by blowing her previous record of 44 hundredths (51sec 46). Simply exceptional!

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