The best techniques for insulating the interior walls of your home!

The best techniques for insulating the interior walls of your home!

In this article, we will explore the different wall insulation options available to you, as well as some solid foundations to better understand your possibilities with this technology. Let’s get started without further ado.

What are the different types of interior wall insulation?

In order to improveThermal and sound insulation For your home, the right insulation products are essential. Here are the main categories:

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  • Natural insulators: They have the advantage of having a low environmental impact while offering very good insulation performance.
  • Metal insulators: Like rockwool or glasswool, it is as thermally solid as it is acoustically sound.
  • Artificial insulation: Although less acoustically efficient than their counterparts, these insulators offer good thermal performance.

How to prepare a wall for work?

Before you start it all Isolation worksIt is necessary to carry out preliminary preparation of the walls. If it is covered with wallpaper, be aware that it may need to be removed depending on its effect on moisture evacuation.

If that’s not possible, you always can Apply your insulation Using the “drill and fill” method. However, professional advice is necessary before making this decision.

What are internal insulation techniques?

Here are the insulation options available to you:

  • Insulation by injecting insulating materials into the walls of the cavity: This technique is practical for walls that have cavities. The insulating material is then injected in the form of beads or expanding foam into the empty spaces in the wall.
  • Insulation by spraying insulating foam: As the name suggests, the foam is dropped directly onto the walls. The latter swells and hardens to provide a continuous insulating layer.
  • Insulation by lining with insulating panels:This method relies on installing the insulated panels directly by gluing them or using a system of bars and posts.
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How do you make the best decision?

In order to make your choice, you should take into account the following parameters:

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  • Acoustic properties of insulation: If your goal is to reduce noise, find out the performance of the material you are using.
  • Thermal conductivity: The lower this measure, the better the insulation performance.

In order to improve your insulation work, do not hesitate to combine several techniques and materials. In general, insulating your interior walls is a matter of choice. If in doubt, you can contact a specialist to get a quote and compare possible solutions.

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