The beautiful generation of UBB aspirants

The beautiful generation of UBB aspirants

The reason for this success: a successful mix of players born between 2001 and 2003. To guide these three “generations” of players, the complementary duo formed by Frederic Garcia and Richard Drumbaide knew how to make their mark. The “old” born in 2001 explodes.

rich and varied

Solid and highly mobile outriggers Baggiani, Margiela, Brosse, Lagane or Kourdes, Giant Kenguel, Third Lines with great radius of movement, Bomard, Lachaise (regularly called on Team 1) or Lobjoit, Versatile 9-10 Peignon, and Villenavais Triscos in The hinge, the powerful Barka, or the Swift Valles and Elissalde bring their maturity. Many of them are ready to launch into the professional world.

Gil 2002 confirms his worth and is ready to carry the torch: Dino, PSG, SA international in the first line, New Zealander Mellolo in the second line touching the ball, Captain Colaris, Companion captain of the match, Delbecq in the middle, versatile winger Sokotua, Darchen the Raise or Massé and Garcia who has already surpassed the Rubicon Team 1.

Finally, several young Crabos born in 2003 appeared this season and brought their enthusiasm: Bekhti, Trarieux, Kasala, Fonteille, Dussutour, Caparroi, Permal, Gardrat, Bouché, Le Roux and Moustin. Three young players literally exploded. In first place is Bill Biari from Grenoble, who played several matches in the beginning. And of course the opening Exshaw and the X-factor Depoortere who had the good fortune to be chosen for the French development team.

the game

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