The authorities fear a Russian military plan to take over Chisinau Airport

The authorities fear a Russian military plan to take over Chisinau Airport

Moldova says it is militarily threatened by Russia. Its new prime minister fears an attempt to take over Chisinau Airport.

Moldova on the verge of a coup? Ce mardi, pres d’un an apres le début de la guerre lancée par la Russie, le Premier ministre de ce petit pays à l’est de l’Ukraine assure que Moscou aurait un plan pour prendre le control de l’aeroport de Chisinau , Capital.

Doreen Risen has only been in office for a few days confirmed with Moldova 1 The words of Volodymyr Zelensky in the German media Die Felt.

The Ukrainian president said earlier this week that Moscow would consider seizing Chisinau airport to transfer troops there, before opening a new front in western Ukraine.

“Our institutions are ready to face such challenges,” stresses Doreen Reisen.

The airspace was closed for a few hours

At the beginning of February, Moldovan intelligence services indicated that they had detected “destabilizing” Russian activities. Maia Sandhu, the pro-European president, responded that “our institutions work to ensure the security of the country and use all information from our partners to anticipate and prevent such attempts.”

On February 14, Moldova closed its airspace for a few hours. The “security reasons” were put forward by local media without further precision against the backdrop of tensions between the former Soviet republic and Moscow.

The day before, Maia Sandu had detailed Moscow’s alleged plans to oust the pro-European force in Chişinău, and announced enhanced security measures.

Thursday 16th, during a session in the Moldavian parliament, Doren Resyan stressed that “it is important to continue our efforts until the Russian forces withdraw” from Transnistria, calling for the “demilitarization” of the pro-Moscow separatist region.

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Daniel Foda told him that this demilitarization was “essential” to ensuring the country’s “peaceful reintegration”. The words angered Moscow, with the Kremlin accusing Chisinau of “anti-Russian hysteria”.

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