The attack on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine was seen from the inside

The attack on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine was seen from the inside

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant came under Russian fire overnight from Thursday to Friday, raising fears of a catastrophe.

The photos show that a catastrophe has already been averted in Zaporizhia. Video received by The New York Times, published on Saturday, gives a glimpse into the interior of the nuclear power plant located in southern Ukraine, where it was attacked by Russian forces Thursday night, from Thursday to Friday. A warning in Russian can be heard from one of the facility’s loudspeakers, apparently targeting soldiers outside.

“Stop firing at the nuclear facility,” a voice said. “Stop firing at once. You are endangering the security of the whole world. The operation of an important part of the Zaporizhia power plant may be affected. We will not be able to restore it.”

The American Daily reports that this video was sent to them by a source with links to the local government. The newspaper’s visual investigation team was able to confirm, by analyzing videos and archival photos of the plant, that it was indeed inside Zaporizhia.

Other videos of the factory reported at least one building burning overnight after the Russian fire. According to a press release from the Ukrainian nuclear regulator, there were no signs of high radiation levels and no critical equipment was hit. Words immediately confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Never jeopardize the “physical integrity” of a plant

But the video obtained by the American daily shows how dangerous the situation was during the attack on Zaporizhia, the main Ukrainian nuclear power plant, and the largest in Europe.

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Rafael Mariano Grossi, Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Friday morning, during a press conference, noted that no one should jeopardize the “physical integrity” of a nuclear site, “whether it is a reactor, stored fuel or radioactive waste.”

If the fire can be extinguished, Russian troops now occupy the territory of the nuclear power plant, the Nuclear Site Inspection Agency reported. They ensure that employees are still managing the operation of the site.

Russia denies shooting at the plant, and claims the Ukrainians caused the fire.

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