The Asus / Noctua partnership continues!

The Asus / Noctua partnership continues!

during the RTX-3000, two cooling and graphics card giants are teaming up to bring you some pretty wild cards. In fact, Noctua And the Asus together to submit RTX 3080 /3070 Noctua editing. Today, we learn that partnership always depends on one or more RTX 40 Noctua Edition will be submitted during these !

RTX 40 Noctua Edition The partnership continues!

As a reminder, the result of this collaboration was the emergence of two major cards. The latter then occupied four holes while it was equipped with twos NF-A12x25.5cm as a fan. This ensures silence and low operating temperatures as we indicated during our testing of RTX 3070 Noctua OC.

In terms of possible cards, there are no 36 solutions, either is it RTX-4090either from a RTX4080, or both. although RTX 4070 Ti Should we see the light of day on January 5, we have some doubts … although one can be surprised.

Now all that remains is to figure out what the cards will look like and how many fans are in the heatsink. However, it seems difficult to get a card with three mills. Effectively, this would mean an excessively long card over 40cm in length. Remember, however, that the current models are already 31 cm long!

In short, we can’t wait to see the outcome of this second generation of products.

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