The army declares “under control” and arrests the head of the National Guard

The army declares “under control” and arrests the head of the National Guard

The General Staff of Guinea-Bissau said on December 1, 2023, that it was detaining the head of the security forces unit involved in a night of clashes in the capital, and stressed that the army was in control of the situation.

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in Guinea BissauThe army declares that the situation is fine.” Completely under control », after the arrest of the head of the National Guard. Since that night, this unit, holed up in a barracks in Bissau, has been facing the Special Forces. These exchanges of fire followed what appeared to be an escape attempt by two senior figures in the country suspected of involvement in corruption.

The commander who led this operation finally surrendered. This is Colonel Victor Chungu. Accordingly, the National Guard members who left their cells on November 30, 2023 were led by the Minister of Economy, Suleiman Al-Saidi, and the Secretary of State to the Public Treasury, Antonio Montero. The militants then took refuge in a barracks located in the Santa Luzia area.

Avoid bloodbath

He explained that on the morning of December 1, heavy gunfire was still echoing in Bissau between this unit and the special forces, until Colonel Chungu decided to surrender to avoid a bloodbath.

A number of its members were also arrested. The others are on the run. Both Minister Sir and Foreign Minister Montero were recovered safely. They were returned to their cell. At this moment, there are no reports of deaths or injuries. The army is roaming the streets, and access to the presidency has been closed.

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Events that took place during the travel of the Head of State, Umaru Sissoko Embalo, to Dubai to attend the conference activities Conference of the Parties 28.

call up

In light of these events, the two government members were summoned yesterday morning by the courts, before being placed in police custody. They were questioned about a suspicious withdrawal of $10 million from state coffers.

Representatives previously questioned the minister on Monday regarding this withdrawal, which took place without the government’s approval. He replied that he paid the amount to economic actors to support the private sector.

The problem is that these operators are all supporters of some members of the coalition of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC), which has been in the majority in the National Assembly since the legislative elections last June.

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