L'Espace Prévert à Pau a accueilli des animations du centre social du Hameau suite à l'incendie

The activities of the Hamo Community Center in Bo continued despite the fire

It’s been two weeks since a fire broke out at the site of the Hamo Community Center in Bo. This came in the wake of an ambush by youths of the police and firefighters. Everything has been closed since April 13th. 600 families are members of the social center which has about twenty employees. The animation has been preserved but at other locations. Facilitators were welcomed at the Espace Privert in Pau.


This fire even children have heard of. Justin and Leah are 6 years old: “burning cars“,”The roof burned, and when the firefighters arrived at night, people were throwing stones, and the firefighters returned with the policemen.’ And these two little girls understood that too. This event had consequences for families From the Ousse des Bois region: “Come to this center, teens!

Lots of entertainment for everyone

Espace Prévert already organizes a lot of activities for the little ones on the topic of planets and volcanoes; For teens too. The animation is for adults too: Picnics, gardening activities and even massages for parents. Everything that was planned has happened confirms Emmanuel Godot, director of Prevert’s Recreational Reception for children aged 6-12.

We cooperate with social center agents and their audience, Emmanuel Godot explains. There are a lot of lanes, everything is going well. We all did very well. We managed to maintain all our activities, this is a priority. “Espace Prévert and Maison du Citoyen in Pau will continue to provide structures for the Hammeau Social Centre.

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