The 5 Cs co-working space will open on Wednesday

The 5 Cs co-working space will open on Wednesday

These letters represent both the five united members of the Chonkel family and the values ​​this place holds: Council Creativity Trust Consideration Coworking. Emily Chunkel is the general manager of “The 5 Cs”. On Wednesday, the family business will open at the cul de Vieux-Bourg in Morne-à-l’Eau.

The 5C Foundation will provide you with the opportunity to perform your professional tasks, neither at home nor in your workplace, but in another, more pleasant place.

The associations already exist

By creating The 5 Cs, Ms. Chonkel wanted to improve the landscape and allow users to enjoy the pleasant climate of our island. This is how, if you prefer, you can work or receive your guests in the fresh air, in the garden area.

The dining area is separate from the work space because it is important to be able to take a real lunch break, to interrupt the activities of the person eating.

Reception rooms can also accommodate your events.

This resource-packed space has already been taken over by associations and professionals who offer you workshops on creativity, well-being or skill development.

You’ll find out more in our May 24th edition.

0690 49 79 94 or 0690 54 75 37

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