Thanks to telecommuting, they were able to "take their files in their luggage."

Thanks to telecommuting, they were able to “take their files in their luggage.”

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, some professions have put their staff on site on hold. The popularization of remote work has led some workers to leave their homes in France. Destination: Polynesia or Guadeloupe.

Marin Couturier and her companion had long been planning to leave southwest France to settle in New Zealand. “We wanted to see something elseBut due to the Covid-19 pandemic, their plans were thwarted. New Zealand border closures, general confinement in France, air traffic stopped … The young couple were forced to review the copy.We looked for a place where the measures were not so restrictive yet, and it was French Polynesia that attracted us the mostWhoever found herself working full time from home overnight, says the young woman, and has left more than 17,000 kilometers from France without losing her job.It was a real added value“.

Search for a “true quality of life”

Added value that clouds * and Sophie * have known for several weeks. These two Guadeloupes settled in Paris and decided to return to their island when remote work became the norm. A choice they assume they are happy with. “With the time difference, we finish earlier. At noon Guadeloupe time, our day ended in the French capital. You can take the car, go to a restaurant, or to the beach … We live two days in one dayDetails of this seen [leurs] Loved ones go to the river“Or going out without a mask in places where this is not mandatory. There are many reasons given to a young couple.”A true quality of lifeWhich they did not have when they lived in Paris.

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The same goes for Marine Couturier, who used to work remotely long before the Covid-19 pandemic spread in our daily lives. “Before all of that, I only spent two or three days writing, and the rest of the time I could do everything from home. It was a little complicated to spend 100% of my time at home and not seeing my mates anymore, but I got used to itToday settled in French Polynesia in order to “.A year or two “The journalist also explains that the popularization of remote work allowed her to leave France without fear of losing her job.

“Going to the other side of the world with your files in suitcases is a real safety”

Marine Couturier is an independent freelance journalist based in Polynesia

Even if they are happy to be able to operate in very favorable conditions, all of them ensure that they respect the sanitary measures in place on the site. “We must not forget that Covid is there. We are careful because we know that the hospital structures are not the same here as in Metropolitan FranceSophie insists. Guadeloupe is a small paradise of course, but it must be protected“.

Employers are less alert than others

When he announced to his employer that he was leaving France for Guadeloupe and that he intends to work from there,There was some hesitation“, Refers to Guillaume.”Jet lag is scary. I had to present a lot of arguments, defend this decision to convince my bossRemember. The initiatives that ended up bearing fruit as they continue to operate without incident nearly 7,000 kilometers from France. But according to this accountant, “There are still stereotypes“In the world of work, which is sometimes an obstacle to practices such as working remotely in a place other than the place of residence.”For some people, when we go to Guadeloupe, we go on vacation, so we don’t go to work“He laments.

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Me, there is only one collaboration that ended when I announced I’m going to PolynesiaMarine Couturier, who worked for several headlines in her home region, says, “was still able to hold her other contracts.”I think this employer wanted a job that is really based on local news“, Determines which content actually submits articles.”More tourism orientedTo other employers.

On her part, Sophie had no difficulty obtaining permission from her manager and did not suffer from her decision to work remotely from Guadeloupe. “I have texted my manager letting him know that I am leaving. He didn’t reply but he did give me permission to leave in January. So I continued to act as if nothing had happenedBut with the alarm set at dawn, to make up for the time difference between the Guadeloupe Archipelago and Paris.

Return from work face to face

If remote work emerges as a possibility to settle into a more pleasant environment, they remember that this action is not destined to last. Once the health situation becomes more favorable, the government has already announced that returning workers to their workplaces can be considered.

Consequently, Marine Couturier will benefit from a return to normality to poll local media, ”Once you finish settling downOn the pearl of the Pacific Ocean.

Guillaume and Sophie only had a few more weeks to spend working remotely from Guadeloupe. They should meet agents, in physics, in Paris and really prepare to return to their Parisian life. The young couple are already looking forward to it. “A sense of belonging to the company does not develop, and even if it is easier to work remotely, it lacks human contact with colleagues.Sleeps clouds, even if he warns: “Whether in Paris or Guadeloupe, I work remotely all the time in swimwear“.

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