Thanks for the exchanges for the iPhone Box in the second quarter

Thanks for the exchanges for the iPhone Box in the second quarter

iPhone sales boomed in the spring. During the second calendar quarter (Apple’s third fiscal quarter), the manufacturer already sold $35.8 billion of smartphones, which is 50% higher than the same quarter last year (27 billion). If we don’t get the sales details, Tim Cook was kind enough To determine to me CNBC That good luck for the iPhone is the result of the product’s success with adapters previously supplied with an Android smartphone, as well as iPhone users who have just renewed their peripheral.

Photo: Apple.

With sales of $81.4 billion, Apple isn’t about to die. But the quarter would have been better if Apple had not struggled with the supply issues related to component shortages that plague many industries. The shortage has affected sales of Macs and iPads in particular, the Apple CEO said.

« We expected the shortfall to represent a shortfall of between $3 billion to $4 billion ‘ Tim Cook explains. Fortunately, the manufacturer managed to reduce this pain: “ We’ve reached the bottom end of this range “.Another reason for satisfaction: services. They totaled $17.4 billion last quarter (+33%), a record in Apple history.” A long-term investment in our service strategy is sure to work ».

The manufacturer now has more than 700 million paying subscribers, a figure that is 150 million more than last year and four times as many in many years. It takes into account all users who subscribe to an app based on the App Store billing system (the system that brings 15-30% for Apple), as well as subscribers of iCloud, Apple TV +, Apple Music, Apple One, etc.

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