Tessa Worley, champion of life between New Zealand and Haute Savoy

Tessa Worley, champion of life between New Zealand and Haute Savoy

Skier Tessa Worley, who won the small giant ball game this Sunday in Méribel, grew up between Haute-Savoie and New Zealand. The round trips every six months prepared her for a long and successful career.

At the other end of the world, Mount Lyford, a small village in the north of New Zealand’s South Island, a two-hour drive from Christchurch, lost its first hospital. About thirty years ago, a French and Australian woman created the ski lifts and ski school at the resort where they live six months a year, during the winter, with their two children, including a very young blonde, who is good at gliding.

Mount Lyford was really adventurousTessa Worley smiles in an interview with AFP.His station was in the middle of nowhere, too wild. And we did not even live in the village but in a completely secluded house, which we reached after half an hour in an SUV on rocky roads. I appreciate this life lost in nature, going to the resort, going skiing, going to the little school and its three classes. I remember my parents setting up a children’s course which I knew by heart with my little brother Jonathan. We were on skis the whole time.

Mount Lyford landscape can be found in France, but the houses must be removed. There was no trail, no walking path, nothing. We went for a walk among the trees in nature, like this‘ says the hero.

With her family, Tessa, who was born on October 4, 1989 in Annemasse, crosses the world every six months between New Zealand and Haute Savoy, surviving an endless winter.

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This education has shaped my characterThirties thought. While traveling, adjusting, we’d move around in a complete mess every six months. I have different milestones, and I feel good in several places, I’m comfortable with it. ”

Unknowingly, the young girl is preparing for her future on the World Cup circuit, her suitcase always ready, between two hotels, in the car or in the airport terminals. “I also learned to make an effort to get something to work, design. Always looking for more, improving, and progressing“.

Therefore, it is in the lost corner of New Zealand, developed the secret of its future success, 16 victories in the World Cup, two giant cards in 2017 and 2022, and two world titles (2013 and 2017). His coaches and opponents emphasize his thirst for victory and his constant quest for improvement.

Highly competitive, Tessa has always wanted to win, throughout her career. She’s the biggest, but she’s definitely the one who wants to win more than the others.r”, salutes Italian Davide Brignone, brother and coach of Federica, one of the French rivals.

From early childhood, Worley follows his mother and settles permanently in France. She joined Union and High at 15 in Anthony Seachaud’s group in Albertville. Together with her friends Taïna Barioz, Anémone Marmottan, later Nastasia Noens, she formed a happy band. “I had the pleasure of going skiing, training, and living with this group. This life I loved. You contributed to my progress. ”

Tessa Worley exploded quickly into the World Cup, winning her first time in Aspen (USA) in November 2008, at the age of 19, settling into a top class she will always be a part of, despite some injuries.

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She never saw Mount Lyford again, due to time constraints. “After my career, I’ll be back, that’s for sureI promised. Rediscover a country.

To rediscover its roots rooted in the snow and nurtured by an alpine ski giant. The great Tessa Worley.

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