Teslas could soon save points on your driver’s license

Teslas could soon save points on your driver’s license

The speed in Tesla cars will likely soon become history if we are to believe the recent discovery made by Green, who is known in the Elon Musk company world for previously discovering the functionality of future updates.

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Anyone who’s never gone fast in a Tesla should consider themselves lucky: with lightning-fast acceleration and virtually silent engine noise, exceeding the speed limit in an electric car is unfortunately easier than one might imagine.

Thus, in most cars, users take advantage of CarPlay or Android Auto to be alerted to areas where radar is present, in particular thanks to Waze. But in an Elon Musk car, there’s no question of doing so. Fortunately, it appears that the radars are planned to be integrated directly into the car’s navigation system, via a future update. Let’s check in.

Alert before radar? Maybe it’s not that simple

The favor greentheonlyon I’ve just revealed what’s hidden in Tesla’s update, as usual. In this case, this is a feature that should please everyone, because it is just that Camera signals designed to control speed.

In France and Europe, we know about these cameras and other radars, both fixed and mobile, but we cannot be informed about them on the center screen of the Tesla car. In fact, the manufacturer ignores what is standard elsewhere, as is often the case: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Unless you add an extra screen for example, there is no question of any exact replica of your smartphone.

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but, Thanks to Tesla Maps data, these speed camera alerts could see the light of day. This is what Greentheonly clearly indicates anyway with version 2023.27.12, currently reserved for the software branch of FSD beta in the USA.

However, remember that for this function to be legal in France, it must be slightly modified: warning the user of the presence of a radar remains prohibited by law. Waze or Google Maps tricks by indicating danger zones are well-known and legal, but will Tesla go that far to adapt to France? Nothing is less certain.

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