Tesla presents new cars without these basic functions … which are nonetheless found in the MG4

Tesla presents new cars without these basic functions … which are nonetheless found in the MG4

The first instrument-equipped Tesla Model S and Model X 4 (HW4) rolled off the production lines and have begun to be delivered to owners. A small problem though is that these $100,000-plus vehicles lack basic features.

Tesla’s Hardware 4 (HW4) hasn’t finished talking about it. If the revolution due to additional cameras is not a reality, because the cars produced at the moment do not take advantage of them yet, the radar and the new driving computer are part of it. But it seems Tesla once again put the cart before the horse, because the piece of software required to make it work is lagging behind.

Top of Tesla’s vision: no autopilot or cruise control

Since last September and the ultrasonic sensors stopped working, Tesla owners have been anxiously awaiting the return of the park assist. In fact, whether on the Model 3 or the Model Y currently in production, five months have passed without anything changing on the software side: there is still notable progress for customers as we observed in our typical push test.

No longer does Tesla Autopilot rely solely on cameras // Source: Tesla

today, We learn from the Tesla Model X Plaid delivery in the US That Tesla could do is even more impressive. The car, which costs around $110,000, comes with several software functions not activated (unlike the MG4, it sells for around €20,000, even if these software functions leave something to be desired in the Chinese Accord) as specified by the owner:

Right now the most I notice is anything not working. Here are the features that I’ve noticed so far that are missing:

  • Auto visualization
  • Cruise control, autopilot, autopilot navigation
  • Possibility to participate in the FSD beta
  • parking sensors
  • Automatic parking
  • Exit the car

Of course, all of this will no doubt be activated as soon as a software update becomes available, but that is obviously not the case Tesla is stronger than giving up ultrasonic sensors.

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Without cruise control or autopilotThis Tesla Model X is a far cry from Elon Musk’s self-driving promises. According to the information circulated during the month of February, The deadline for developers to produce the software for the 4 devices was March 1.

Tesla Investor Day has passed, and after a short week, it looks like the software still isn’t ready. Maybe Tesla wants to take the opportunity to consolidate some bricks before the update, Who can finally allow the Tesla Vision and the hundreds of thousands of Teslas delivered since last summer to find the famous Park Assit?

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