Terra Nova sets conditions for “socially responsible” remote work

Terra Nova sets conditions for “socially responsible” remote work

Posted on Oct 09, 2022

When possible, remote work has become essential in business. The government is also encouraging them to fight the energy crisis. But beware of rebound effects, warns the Terra Nova research center. He lists good practices in a study titled “How New Business Organizations Are Transforming the Company into a Socially Responsible Hybrid Business”.

Terra Nova sets the terms for a socially responsible hybrid business.

The pandemic has pinned telework to businesses. If only 3% of the active population had access to it before the health crisis, nearly 30% of employees do, often in a hybrid way. This new organization of work is encouraged by the government, which considers remote work as a lever to reduce energy consumption in the country. But not at any cost. These terms were outlined by the Terra Nova think tank in a study titled “How New Work Organizations Transform the Company into a Socially Responsible Mixed Business”.

For many years, we have considered remote work as a key lever for improving working conditions.However, if telework was imposed the day after the first confinement, it was not always successful. Thus, Terra Nova believes,Conditions for a more balanced and sustainable implementation of telework “. And so the Idea Lab puts together a list of good practices to lay the groundwork.”Tomorrow’s work environment“.

The idea of ​​an effective right to enforceable remote work

The purpose of the note is to better understand the shift lines in the business for supply.”A successful solution for employees, businesses, society and the planet“Terra Nova is committed to setting terms.”Socially responsible hybrid work(THSR). According to the think tank, there is now a widely shared consensus on the idea that, even when feasible, 100% telework is undesirable, nor is the absence of telework, unless the job does not permit it. Studies and opinion polls converge to say that this point of view is shared by both employees and managers.

Thus, in its note, Terra Nova calls for “Create an effective right to remote work that is enforceable against your employerIt calls for the signing of a national occupational agreement on the basis of “An annual minimum initially set at 24 days per year“Distance working , As well as the conditions for practicing this day passes (prohibition period in particular)“Germany has built such a device.”Where the right to work remotely for at least 24 days a year has been established, if the tasks of the employees and the activities of the company allow it.“.

Create a Remote work address

Terra Nova also suggests creating a Remote work address“, so that the various costs associated with remote work are not transferred to the employee. The idea is to propose a system similar to a restaurant ticket to compensate the remote worker, in the form of a lump sum paid by the company and / or the CSE. The goal is also to encourage “Companies to make it easier for their employees to access shared workspaces and thus give them a choice of where to work (on site, in a third place or at home)Terra Nova notes.

The report also finds that the company can mobilize to avoid a divide between those who can easily work remotely and those who have been previously denied it. Thus, Terra Nova calls for a redefinition of jobs and also those that qualify for remote work.

Like the government while introducing a moderation plan, Terra Nova notes the potential energy savings thanks to telecommuting as it eliminates certain trips to go to the company. But working from home isn’t always synonymous with saving energy. The bill can even be repeated if the employee has to heat their home while also keeping their workplace hot. Therefore, the Idea Lab recommends that remote work be introduced on public holidays so that you do not have to heat the company’s premises over several days. The think tank also invites dialogue to gather feedback from employees and collectively improve the situation.

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