Dix bourses Espace proposées par la Fondation Ailes de France

Ten Space Scholarships from the Ailes de France

Applications close on April 15th

Closing the receipt of application files to grant one of the ten space grants from France Wings Foundationfor a unit of 5000 EuroApril 15, 2022.

The campaign targeted educational, scientific, cultural and sustainable development projects, especially for youth, and the campaign began on February 16.

These scholarships are for young adults 25 years of age or younger, from different backgrounds who wish to pursue a career in space.

Under the auspices of the Fondation de France, the Fondation Ailes de France aims to contribute to the knowledge and promotion of the field of aviation and aerospace. From this perspective, it supports, among other things, educational, scientific and cultural projects and sustainable development, especially for youth.

Three goals

For the second year in a row, partnering with CNES and supportEutelsat To allocate space grants fall within this framework, and aim to accompany and support deserving students, by giving them the means to implement their projects in areas directly related to the space sector.

In the medium term, three goals are targeted by this program: to promote space for young people, to facilitate their integration into the professional world and to highlight French talent in this sector.

A formal ceremony for the Space Grant is scheduled for June 2022, following an on-file and oral selection.

More information on the website www.fondation-ailesdefrance.fr/bourses-espace

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