Temperature record - 47.9 degrees Celsius recorded in Canada: bears dive in the pool

Temperature record – 47.9 degrees Celsius recorded in Canada: bears dive in the pool

The “thermal dome” over the American West is causing an unprecedented heat wave in the north of the continent.

More than 40 new temperature records were set in the western Canadian province of British Columbia on Saturday 26 June and Sunday 27 June. With readings of 47.9 degrees Celsius on June 27 in the small town of Lytton, British Columbia, a three-hour drive north of Vancouver, Canada, the historic heat record was broken.

Hottest from Dubai. All that is needed for the bears to get a little fresh is by inviting themselves to the neighborhood ponds. An extraordinary sight bearing witness to the suffering of the inhabitants and animals in the face of this historical wave.

Because according to climatologists who have expressed themselves in the last hours on social networks, the episode of the last days is not only historical, but above all, “this is the kind of event that is supposed to happen only once every thousand years,” he recalls an example Jeff Berardelli, meteorologist and climate specialist for CBS. “Can’t believe my eyes,” British meteorologist Scott Duncan tweeted, referring to “the most frightening heat wave in history.”

In response to a question from Franceinfo about the phenomenon of the “heat dome”, Frederic Nathan, forecasting expert at Météo France noted that the northward rise of “an extremely hot air mass coming from Mexico, to which the anti-hurricane conditions are added”. “The downside is the fact that the wind blowing vertically comes in to compress the air mass. It’s a bit like the phenomenon we have in a bike pump,” Frederic Nathan continues. When you push hard upside, it heats up the air: it’s pressure.” “Thermal dome therefore means that it is very hot and that high pressure conditions put pressure on the hot air on the ground, which leads to more heat,” the forecaster sums up.

Dangerous, record-breaking temperatures continue to rise in the northwest?

We live (and sweat) in the field today. pic.twitter.com/buG42IWAyo

– weatherchannel June 28, 2021

Finally, the creation of a thermal dome is a phenomenon that can occur anywhere in the world, notes the forecaster from Météo France. And add: “Today’s masses of hot air are much hotter globally than they were fifty years ago. So when there’s a somewhat extreme situation, like the one we’re seeing at the moment in Canada, records are systematically broken,” he continued, noting Undisputed to the “global warming effect”.

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“What’s new about global warming is the fact that on a global scale, heat records are falling almost every day, while we rarely see cold records, even if it still happens from time to time.”

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