Teen Steals Over 32 Million Euros of Cryptocurrency by Stealing a SIM Card

Teen Steals Over 32 Million Euros of Cryptocurrency by Stealing a SIM Card

Canadian guy steals $36.5 million in well-rehearsed scam en cryptomonnaies for the individual. His method is based on SIM Swap, a technology that involves controlling a person’s SIM card by asking the operator to provide them with a new one, according to reports. phoneandroid.

SIM card scam

Initially, the fraudster managed to get a lot of personal information about his victim, which allowed him to start ordering a new SIM card. Then he was able to access the symbols used during Double authentication by SMS.

He then managed to hijack his victim’s cryptocurrency wallet. With a total of $36.5 million stolen from a single person living in the US, this cryptocurrency heist is believed to be the largest ever against any individual. According to the Hamilton Police Report.

catch the thief

As part of an investigation by the Cybercrime Task Force (ECTF) and the FBI, authorities realized that the stolen funds were specifically used to purchase a username in a multiplayer video game.

This recklessness allowed the investigators to return to the arrested young man. But at the moment, the police only managed to get a very small part of the loot. the guy Canadian He will have to respond to his actions in court.

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