TEC, a new cultural space, kicks off in Tence

TEC, a new cultural space, kicks off in Tence

Next to the public school, the associative exhibition and art meeting space opens its doors in Tence. Appointment on Friday 3 December at 6.30pm for a long-term exhibition of Jean-Marc Vidal’s portraits.

Since January 2015, two painting workshops, led by Monique Limpierre and Quézo Dumas, have been gathered in the same place, made available by the Town Hall of Tines, on the first floor of the former house of Tours (1 College Street, next to La Leonshire School). Their association led to the creation of Alta-z’art, headed by Nicholas Sephaester. They are joined by photographer Jean-Marc Vidal, and he has a lab that allows him to offer silver photography workshops.

In a former clothing workshop

And now the ground floor (formerly occupied by a clothing workshop), still under the leadership of Alta-Z’art, has found a new destination. Those who knew the ancient formation would be amazed at the arrangements made.

With great energy, a good dose of ingenuity, a real sense of freshness, and donations in a strict and loose change, TEC, Tence Espace Culturel was born.

Flexible space as desired

In this highly flexible volume, made up of a reception room conducive to conviviality, and a large podium dedicated to exhibitions and art events open to all expressions, the door is wide open for encounters.

The adventure begins in concrete form on Friday, December 3, with the opening of TEC around the opening of the Jean-Marc Vidal exhibition at 6:30 pm.

“Huda From Tears To Smiles”

Collected under the title Hoda from Tears to Smiles, these adorable photos were patiently captured during your stay in Morocco alongside volunteers of the Denier Le Souri de Houda Humanitarian Association.

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Until January 31, the gallery is visible on Saturdays from 2:30 PM to 6 PM, Sundays from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM by appointment by calling 06 83 39 82 87.

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