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Teams and teams of all national teams – OA Sport

C Tokyo Olympics 2021 From July 26, rugby players and rugby players will start rugby races at the stadium as well. After debuting at Rio 2016, the five-circle oval returns and begins the hunt for the gold medal won by Fiji in the men’s arena and Australia in the women’s championships five years ago. Let’s go take a look at the lineups of all the national teams that will be entering the field.


Four confirmations compared to Rio 2016 for Argentina, with Santiago Alvarez, Rodrigo Echart, Gaston Rivol and German Schulz at their second Olympics. However, the Argentine national team is young and is considered an outsider for the medal race

Rosa: Santiago Alvarez (captain), Lautaro Bazan, Lucio Sinti, Rodrigo Echart, Luciano Gonzalez, Rodrigo Esgro, Santiago Marie, Ignacio Mendy, Marcos Moneta, Matias Osadchuk, Gaston Rivol, German Schulz


The strong name for Australia is sure to be that of ex-Walabi Samu Kerifi, an absolute world class player, but he will also have to assert himself in the seven-player version. With him are two Rio veterans, Captain Nicholas Maloof and Henry Hutchison on the team aiming for the medal.

Rosa: Lachlan Anderson, Joe Pincus, Dylan Petsch, Nicholas Maloof (Capitano), Henry Patterson, Maurice Longbottom, Joshua Coward, Joshua Turner, Lachlan Miller, Samu Kerifi, Dietrich Roach, Henry Hutchison


It is certainly not one of the top teams, but will rely above all on the expertise of its top scorer Nathan Hirayama to try to overturn expectations on the eve of Canada which is not among the medal candidates.

Rosa: Phil Berna, Connor Pride, Andrew Koe, Justin Douglas, Mike Fuilivo, Lucas Hammond, Nathan Hirayama, Harry Jones, Patrick Kaye, Matt Mullins, Theo Sauder, Jake Thiel, Conor Trainor


They are the Olympic champions and are definitely one of the big favorites to win the title. The star is Jerry Twi, the 2019 World Series MVP and the only veteran of the Victory Tour in Rio. But Fiji is a combination of youth, talent and experience and is definitely a medal.

Rosa: Kaleoni Nasuko, Josua Fakurinabele, Milli Derinalagi, Yosefou Massi, Asaili Tuifuaka, Simi Radradra, Filimoni Potito, Wizia Nakok, Napoleone Bulaka, Jyota Wainikulu, Aminiasi Toyamaba, Jerry Toai (captain)

Great Britain

Silver Medal At Rio 2016, Great Britain is aiming for a medal, although England, Wales and Scotland have never really shined at the World Championships in recent years. Tom Mitchell is a team captain who is still an outsider in the race for the podium.

Rosa: Alec Combs, Ben Harris, Ethan Waddelton, Ross McCann, Alex Davis, Tom Mitchell (Capitano), Robbie Ferguson, Dan Pepe, Harry Glover, Olly Lindsey Hague, Max McFarland, Dan Norton, Tom Bowen


He made it to Tokyo thanks to the replay championship, but Ireland is definitely one of the biggest surprises in the seventh World Rugby Championship in the past two years. It’s hard to imagine the Irish fighting for a medal, but until recently it was hard to imagine them at the Olympics.

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Rosa: Jordan Conroy, Billy Dardis (Capitano), Ian Fitzpatrick, Foster Horan, Jack Kelly, Terry Kennedy, Adam Levy, Hugo Lennox, Harry McNulty, Gavin Mullen, Greg O’Shea, Mark Roach, Brian Mullen


They are the hosts, therefore, they will have an extra push. And five years ago they came close to a medal in the semi-finals, led by champions like Lotte Tokiri, but also by high-profile players like Kazushi Hano and Masakatsu Heiko.

Rosa: Kibi Ishida, Ryota Kano, Jose Ciro, Camille Raravo Latianara Suijima, Lotte Tokiri, Kazushi Hano, Masakatsu Hikosaka, Yoshikazu Fujita, Bracken Henry, Colin Raygen Burke, Chihito Matsui (Capitano), Naoki Motomura


Kenya’s golden moment in seven rugby has passed for a while and the African team arrives on schedule without much chance of winning a medal. Five years ago it closed eleventh place and the result can hardly be imagined much better.

Rosa: Andrew Amund (Capitano), Alvin Otieno, Vincent Onyala, Hermann Humoa, Collins Injera, Daniel Tabu, Willy Ambaka, Johnston Olinde, Eden Ajiro, Jeffrey Olloch, Nelson Oyo, Jacob Augie, Billy Odhiambo


Another formation that hardly aspires to high positions, Korea is among Cinderella in the tournament.

Rosa: Yongheung Chang, Jeongmin Jang, Yeonsik Jeong, Hyunsoo Kim, Kunkyu Han, Namuk Kim, Seongbae Lee, Wanyong Park (capitano), Jinkyu Lee, Andre Jin, Seongmin Jang, Seongdeok Choi, Gwongmin Kim

new Zeland

Speaking of favorites for gold, one cannot fail to mention New Zealand. The All Blacks 7s aim for the ultimate victory with a talent pool led by star Caleb Clarke, but not forgetting seasoned champions like Tim Mikkelson or Scott Curry.

Rosa: Tim Mickelson (Cocapitano), Scott Curry (Cocapitano), Dylan Collier, Tun Ng Chew, Sam Dixon, Andrew Kniustab, Ngaruhi McGarvie Black, Sion Mulia, Kurt Baker, Joe Webber, Eten Nanai Citoro, Reagan Weir

South Africa

Bronze medalist at Rio 2016, South Africa reinvented itself a lot compared to five years ago, but remains one of the strongest teams on the world circuit and among the favorites for the final win.

Rosa: Chris Dray, Sako Makata, Imbi Visser, Zane Davids, Angelo Davids, JC Pretorius, Branko de Prez, Sylvain Davids, Justin Gidold, Kurt Lee Arendsay, Siphiwe Swiswaby (captain), Stedman Gans

United States of America

After waiting years for a definitive paradigm shift, the United States dreams of a stunning Olympic medal. They will do so with the legendary Carlin Islands, but also with Perry Baker, a unique talent who returns to the field after a long injury.

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Rosa: Perry Baker, Danny Barrett, Maceo Brown Tempe, Madison Hughes (captain), Martin Issoufou, Carlin Ailes, Matai Lotta Monterrey, Fulau Niwa, Joe Schroeder, Stephen Thomassen, Kevon Williams


They won the gold in Rio and are the most experienced team in the game, but the Australian have been on a slump in recent years and will have to rediscover the spirit five years before to aim for an appearance. To do this, they will have two elliptical legends such as Emma Tonegato and Charlotte Caslick.

Rosa: Shannon Barry, Sharney Williams, Faith Nathan, Dominic du Toit, Emma Tonegato, Ivania Billet, Charlotte Caslick, Madison Ashby, Tia Hinds, Sariyah Baki, Demi Hayes, Madison Levi


They are not favourites, on the contrary, but the goal of the Brazilians is to be able to get past the group stage and then play for the few chances in the head-to-head matches. But it won’t be easy.

Rosa: Nicolau, Luisa Gonzalez da Costa, Rafaela Zanellato, Leila Casilla dos Santos, Thalia da Silva Costa, Isadora Cirullo, Aline Ribeiro Furtado, Mariana Fiovarante, Halen Lim Scatrot, Raquel Cochan (Capitano), Bianca dos Santos Silva, Sahel


Bronze medalist in Rio, Canada has for years been one of the top teams in seventh women’s rugby worldwide, and North America will seek to confirm the Olympic medal, and possibly improve the bottom line.

Rosa: Elisa Alari, Olivia Abs, Brett Bean, Bamfinite Boysa, Bianca Varela, Julia Greenschilds, Gislyn Landry, Kylie Lucan, Kayla Moleski, Brian Nicholas, Karen Paquin, Chiara Wardley, Charity Williams


One of Cinderella’s in the tournament, China seems to have little chance of getting past the group stage and is not among the favorites to win the title.

Rosa: Tang Menglin, Ruan Hongting, Wu Guan, Wang Wanyu, Liu Xiaoqian, Yan Meiling, Xu Xiaoyan, Yue Xiaoming, Yu Liping, Yang Min (Capitano), Chen Qiyi, Yang Fifei


If they are at the top in the male sphere, then Fiji can at best dream of an outside role. They will likely play as Brazil reach the quarter-finals, but it’s hard to imagine the Fijians going that far.

Rosa: Rossella Nagasao (captain), Rigili Defois, Cicinelli Dono, Faciti Solikoffe, Rebi Olwensau, Tokasa Siniasi, Viniana Rewai, Anna Nayamasi, Aloisi Nakosi, Laisana Likoseva, Ruila Radinavuna, Lavina Kafuru


They are one of the fastest growing teams in recent years, and the French aim to surprise the world and win an Olympic medal in Tokyo. They came from the replay cycle, but don’t be fooled, they aspire to high goals.

Rosa: Coralie Bertrand, Anne-Cecile Siovanni, Caroline Drouin, Camille Grasino, Lina Guerin, Fanny Horta, Shannon Izar, Chloe Jacquet, Carla Nessin, Seraphine Okemba, Chloe Bailey, Jade Olotol, Joanna Greces, Nasira Yulutul,

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Great Britain

It’s not one of the favorites to win the title, but Great Britain can always offer surprises, and it’s a national team to watch because a place in the quarter-finals should win it without problems.

Rosa: Celia Kwansa, Deborah Fleming, Alex Matthews, Abby Brown (Cocapitano), Abby Burton, Holly Aitchison, Natasha Hunt, Megan Jones (Cocapitano), Helena Rowland, Hannah Smith, Emma Oren, Jasmine Joyce, Lisa Thompson


The hosts aren’t among the favorites for the medal race, but they are suddenly dreaming of carving out an outside role.

Rosa: Mi Ohtani, Marin Kageki, Mifuyu Koide, Mayo Shimizu (Kokabetano), Mio Shiraku, Honoka Tsutsumi, Hana Nagata, Bativakalolo Raichelmiu (Kokabitano), Wakaba Hara, Yumi Hirano, Haruka Hirutsu, Rinka Matsuda


Another Cinderella of the tournament, Kenya does not seem to have a chance of success after finishing only eleventh in Rio 2016. It would be difficult even to confirm this result.

Rosa: Philadelphia Orlando (Capitano), Sheila Shagira, Stella Wafula, Christabel Lindo, Leah Wamboy, Judith Uma, Vivian Akomo, Sarah Olucci, Grace Adiambo, Cynthia Ateno, Janet Okello, Sinaida Ora, Diana Oeno

new Zeland

The silver is still burning in the Black Ferns 7s at Rio 2016 and the New Zealanders present themselves at Tokyo 2021 as the favorites to win. Portia Woodman, Michaela Blade and Ruby Toy are just the brightest stars in an amazing constellation.

Rosa: Portia Woodman, Sarah Herini (captain), Robbie Toei, Tila Nathan Wong, Theresa Fitzpatrick, Stacey Flühler, Michaela Blade, Alina Sayle, Risalia Puri Lynne, Kelly Brazier, Gayle Bruton, Shiray Kaka

Republic of China

Russia will be at the Games without a flag, but the Russians dream of coming home with a medal. They are among the most luxurious of outsiders, but everything will depend on how they cross the group stage where they will have to challenge New Zealand and Great Britain first and foremost. But they can aim for the semi-finals.

Rosa: Daria Noritsyna, Maria Pogrebnyak, Daria Shestakova, Alina Tyron, Bayzat Khamidova, Ayana Danilova, Kristina Seredina, Marina Kokina, Daria Lushina, Elena Zdrokova, Nadezhda Sozonova, Anna Baranchuk

United States of America

Another formation that could aim for a medal, even if it wasn’t among the three candidates required for the final win. Americans at the Olympics always know how to give something extra and they will prove that too in Tokyo.

Rosa: Kayla Kannette Oka, Lauren Doyle, Cheetah Emba, Abby Gustitis (co-captain), Nicole Heverland, Alif Kelter, Kristi Kershi, Ilona Maher, Jordan Mathias, Ariana Ramsay, Nia Taber, Kristen Thomas (co-captain), Nia Toliver

Photo: Mike Lee – KLC Rugby World Pictures

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