Team New Zealand consolidates its dominance by winning the fourth coronation

The New Zealanders are winning again. Photo by AFP

Initially, Kiwi led 3 qualifiers to 2, and has had five consecutive wins since Saturday to eventually win 7-3.

Archipelago offers a Fourth coronationAfter 1995, 2000 and 2017, in one of the oldest competitions in the world, an institution that this year celebrates 170 years.

« It’s totally unreal, it’s a great team satisfaction New Zealand Coxwin said Peter Berlin immediately after the win.

The New Zealanders had been hoping to kill the match on Tuesday, but Aeolus continued the thrill and forced tens of thousands of fans to congregate on Auckland beaches to sip on champagne. A turn in the wind has already prompted the organizers to postpone the 10th round by a day.

And on Wednesday, Luna Rossa didn’t seem to be able to raise the kiwi’s suspicion, Team New Zealand finally crossed the finish line 46 seconds ago, and basked in the jubilation of a city that has emerged from coronavirus-related confinement, only 11 days earlier.

This victory establishes New Zealand’s position as the dominant power in an event I participated in seven of the last eight editions.

New Zealand Cup

The archipelago is the second most successful country after The United States that dominated the competition between 1851 and 1983. Hence the relief of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

« Team New Zealand makes us very proud once again to qualify for the America’s Cup in New Zealand
She said.

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Italy’s sixth campaign ends again in bitterness for Luna Rossa, who won the Prada Cup in February – America’s Cup qualifiers – in the face of British and American challenges.

« not finished
Said the assistant captain of the Italian team Francesco Bruni. ” I’m sure Luna Rossa will try again. »

The Italian challenge will at least succeed in making his captors lie who they have declared 7-0 to New Zealand.

He could even threaten the New Zealanders a bit more without some fatal tactical errors at several key points in the last five rounds.

“Beautiful boats”

Luna Rossa’s other assistant, Australian Jimmy Spiethel, who torpedoed New Zealand’s hopes of winning the Oracle 9-8 Oracle Cup in 2013, ruled the win. deserve For Team New Zealand.

« Of course you’ll have to go have a beer with kiwis to honor them Sydney resident said.

« But we have to thank all our teammates who put so much effort into allowing us to be here and fight for the America’s Cup. »

Mrs. Ardern, announced that her government will open Five million New Zealand dollars (three million euros) To allow New Zealand to defend the cup in its next edition, expected in 2024.

The goal above all would be to avoid being stripped of its best elements by foreign challenges with larger budgets.

The whole question, from now on, will be figuring out what the next edition will look like.

As title holders, The kiwi will have a choice of weaponsThe bases and the water body. They have already indicated that they will consider requests from foreign cities to host the tours.

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They should at least keep in mind the boats that made the show during this edition.

The trophy was won this year on futuristic 75-foot (23-meter) monocoque structures equipped with foil that allow them to Wants »Above waves at a peak of 53 knots (approximately 100 km/h).

New Zealand captain Glenn Ashby spoke this week about pregnant women ” very formidable ».

« They are beautiful boats, beautiful to see when at rest, and beautiful to see when launched “, He said.

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