TCL's foldable and expandable smartphone prototype revealed in video

TCL’s foldable and expandable smartphone prototype revealed in video

TCL’s bold concept, a foldable and expandable smartphone, was seen at an electronics fair in China. In a video, we can especially note the prototype extension system.

TCL Fold N'Roll

TCL Fold N’Roll unfolds and expands as a three-in-one format // Source: TCL

The race for a foldable (or expandable…or both) smartphone continues among manufacturers. Chinese manufacturer TCL It seems to be still in its momentum: it has already presented a concept of a foldable and expandable smartphone during DTC 2021, an event dedicated to electronics taking place in China in November. A user present at the show, known as times the universe On Twitter, video capture this ambitious concept that appears to be still in its infancy… while looking very promising.

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You can see the smartphone open like a book to create an almost square screen. But the concept does not stop there because by pressing an almost invisible button, the screen on the left opens, thus turning into a small tablet. Then, with a simple tap on the bottom edge of the smartphone, the screen rolls back up.

We can also see the continuation of the screen on the other side of the phone, because once the prototype is closed, it takes the form of a 6.8-inch smartphone. With this concept, the user benefits from a 3-in-1 device: a classic smartphone, a small square tablet, and a 10-inch tablet. Nothing else is known about this phone at the moment.

TCL is still working on its prototype

This foldable and expandable smartphone prototype is reminiscent of Fold N’Roll Brought to us by TCL last spring. The principle is exactly the same: the manufacturer behind TCL 20 SE It is clear that he continued his experiments. The result appears in the video.

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Of course, it seems that the prototype seen is still in its infancy: the screen is “plastic”, and the deployment and adaptation of the screen are a bit long. In use, all this will be very laborious. So this concept requires more work if TCL wants to enter the race, or even take the lead along SamsungAnd xiaomiAnd HuaweiAnd OPPO or google browser. Suffice it to say, the competition is tough.

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